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Springtime Greetings from the ‘Ville

Sometime last week I posted my status on Facebook indicating that if I wanted the precipitation and grey skies of the Pacific Northwest, I’d be living there. Nine solid days of cold,rain, and overcast skies was robbing me of energy, optimism and valuable early gardening time. My friend Lloyd, a Seattle resident, scoffed politely. “Only nine¬†cloudy days in a row? Pfui!” or words to that effect. Geez, the weather gods even threw in a few frost warnings.

Behold a view of the back yard, snapped yesterday:

Yes, we’re swamped. I suppose I should be glad that it’s been so freakin’ cold, otherwise we’d be Malaria Central. But see that white glow on the water’s surface? It’s sunshine!

To quote the poet:

Come, fill the Cup, and in the Fire of Spring
The Winter Garment of Repentance fling

It’s still too cold for any garment flinging — I mean, kids this Easter Sunday are shivering in their hoodies, not strutting in their Easter bonnets — but man, those few fleeting hours of sunshine! Our hearts lifted, we climbed out of the dumps and the grumps, energy and optimism returned…

But as I write this today, the world’s glum again. We received the gift of a few hours of Easter sunshine, but now it’s all shades of grey. I try to remind myself that rainy Sweden has been named World’s Happiest Country, (Canada was #3, the USA #13)and that England’s green and pleasant land’s that way because it’s cold and damp.

Cheerier news from the ‘Ville: my friend Richard from Grand Rapids sent me this link.http://vintagraph.com/wpa-posters/general-wpa-posters/8907514¬†Isn’t this WPA poster fab, ‘Villians and non ‘Villians alike?



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