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Toilet Paper Origami: This Guerrilla Girl will be On the Move!

Of course I had to buy this book:

Toilet Paper Origami by Linda Wright. Talk about cheap and cheerful; I worked my way through its pages without using so much as a quarter roll of cheap tp.  Rosebuds, sailboats, bunny rabbits, magnolias, butterflies — so fun to make  –as well as some tailored points. I hope these ghastly pix give you an idea of what can be done in five seconds. (The topography of folded toilet paper is darn hard to catch with a camera;the photos in the book are in black and white, which helps, but they’re not great.)

Can you see the origami diamond atop the point? I like this.

This is harder to see, but with a squint and some imagination can you make out the tuxedo pleats?

This book is aimed at the hospitality industry: “Hotels, Bed and Breakfasts, Cruise Ships” and, oh yeah “Creative Housekeepers.” I don’t fit into any of those categories. The only thing I have in common with those groups is that we all stock toilet paper. But this book has opened a brave new world of cheap and cheerful guerrilla giggles.(Yes, I’m still slipping pompomed crochet sleeves over random car antennas:)  https://cheapcheer.wordpress.com/2010/05/31/guerrilla-needlecraft-the-secret-life-as-an-antenna-taggerantenna-taggermy-secret-life-in-guerilla/

Let’s put it this way: I will never again leave a ladies’s loo without  cheering up the end of every roll I can manage without discovery. And I mean every cubicle, not justthose at the Art Institute or Neimen – Marcus. In fact, the more unexpected the locale, the better — Walgreen’s, the grocery store, the library, a dive bar like the Old Town Ale House. My biggest tp folding fantasy is to somehow find one of the huge, gloomy Little Girls’s Rooms at O’Hare empty so I can nip into cubicle after cubicle folding each flapping end into a bunny rabbit.

That would take time. Then I started to think about adding a package of stickers to the antenna cozies in my purse. I could fold the classic Holiday Inn point and decorate it!

Or even leave an upbeat handwritten message:

I’ve always liked serendipity with a snippet of silly surprise. My pranks come in peace. Would you be freaked out if the roll in the restroom at Arby’s ended with a magnolia in full 2-ply bloom? Or will you consider joining my Toilet Paper Paratroopers? Men would be especially welcome — there are places even I can’t go!



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