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Apron of the Day:”Sweet and Hot”

This is not one of my Yin/Yang His/Hers kind of reversible aprons — it’s all hot sweet cuties, from the chic babe walking her pup to the saucy chick motorcyclists flashing their frilly panties. It was a blast to create because I giggled my way through the sewing.











On this side the print features cowgirls, flamenco dancers, babes in capris chatting on the phone: I love them all.











For (hee hee) a “fabric artist” like me, it’s all about the print. Fabrics for me are like my children;how can you play favorites? That said, this week these motorcycling mammas are my bevvy of firstborns.








Even Loulander laughed — I’m glad I had the prim red gingham trim for the pockets.










I’ve some dazzling Asian prints I can’t wait to cut into, but what think you? Should I begin this year’s crop of holiday aprons?



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Apron of the Day: His and Hers Camo

Well, when you’ve finished field dressing that buck, you’ll need to cook it, right? Here’s the latest in my “Field and Stream” line. By the way, Lou’s promised to get a haircut. When his hair’s short he looks twenty years younger, and dang handsome. His follicles are now at the dude drinking cheap wine out of a paper bag stage, but hey, he’s still the Loulander!












This camo was designed by computer, and I like the digital effect.











Well, hmmm, I don’t know what part of the country a gal could  blend into wearing this apron. Sarah Palin’s beauty salon in Wasilla? Better: Dollywood.











Who knew that camo and rickrack are soulmates?











Extra photo for Willow’s groupies. She almost made it to the photo shoot, but got distracted by some yummy grass at the end of the driveway. Geez, these feline diva supermodels!



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Apron of the Day: “Off the Hook”

Fry more fish, open more oysters, bake more bluefish. Here’s the Apron of the Day in my new “Field and Stream” series. Thanks for the idea, Jayne — I have more different deer and quail prints than I could have thought possible.

It’s oppressively hot and humid tonight, but I hustled Loulander outside for a quick photo shoot.

The fabric: I love the colors and I added a bright button on each pocket just to, I dunno, follow the fun forms of the lures.









The apron:











This camo fabric cracks me up — truly. It’s fish camo!








The apron. Note that I’ve made Loulander smile and he’s trying.











It’s burger night tonight here in the ‘Ville, and as soon as the buns have risen enough to bake I’m gonna be all about a cheeseburger,topped with Charlene’s tomatoes and some cheese. Some late season Illinois corn on the cob will make it fab. But hold the lettuce: I don’t hold with no stinkin’ lettuce anywhere near my cheeseburger!


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Apron(s) of the Day: “Indochine” and “Game Night”

Loulander’s having a “little work” done at an undisclosed clinic. It’ll be a couple of days until my supermodel’s stitches heal, so I recruited Charlene and Big Dale to strut the red carpet for me. I mean green carpet — I snapped them in their garden. I’d say Lou has some serious competition.

This number’s called Game Night. For some serious Scrabbling:









Those are some great gams, Dale!











Bingo anyone?









And the reverse:











We’re off to the mysterious East with the lovely Charlene. (Why is her complexion exactly as smooth as glowing now as it was almost thirty years ago? Bottle it, Char!) I’ve named this numero “Indochine” You know I have a thing for Asian prints.









Can you see the gazillion tomatoes ripening? I’m so jealous.












I think I’ve owned this fabric for five years. I love it so much that I couldn’t cut into it until yesterday.









Char, you look mahvellous:











While I’m working towards the opening of my etsy shop, be assured that if you want to buy either (or both) aprons, shoot me an email. I’m the Simpson’s agent, by the way — if you want them for print or tv work, go through me. (I’ll skim off a mere 10% Char and Dale!)


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Apron(s) Of the Day

The weather has cooled, and it’s as if degrees in the 80s are my favorite high 60s. I get up earlier, I have more energy, I think  about accomplishing  stuff like cleaning bathrooms and weeding, which were beyond me during the heat wave in July.

I went back to my roots and sewed a version of my “Farmhouse Lady” apron. I love the scalloped hem (not too visible because of my poor photography) and I’m mad about the farmhouse prints. I have a soft spot in my heart for this apron because it’s the first I ever made, in prints rooted from my stash.

Attention, Uncle Lloyd: Supermodel Willow showed up tonight, if only to show her ass as she scratches topsoil over shit.

Man, do I love these prints:


















Here’s the apron, which I’m mad about.











The reverse:












This is a brand new apron, fun to make, practical, tied together at the sides, and featuring a full back as well as the front. It’s tied at the sides with twill tape, for much sizing adaptability. Amazing feature: it’s open at the bottom, so it can be used as a laundry bag or a receptacle for gathering beets or tomatoes from the garden.  I’m going to call it “Kitchen and Garden.” It’s tabard style.









Bright print. Verso: A pretty, subdued, Chinese print:









It’s easy to wear, has deep pockets for garden trowels and random radishes, and I love twill tape ties:











I should have pulled the fabric down and straightened the apron. I’m not only a bad photographer, but a bad stylist. Note Willow burying, well, something.











Here’s a better idea of the swell properties of the apron. Clean, useful, plain.

If either apron strikes a chord and you want to buy it, shoot me a message.




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Apron of the Day: “Order in the Court”

I’ve been a sluggard of a seamstress for a couple of months. I put it down to heat and humidity induced laziness, too many thrillers, a week without power, and my continuing flirtation with bookbinding.

In the last couple of weeks I’ve turned out two. One was a gift, and I’m awaiting pix from the recipient — that means you, John dear. I made this one because I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the fabric. These two prints belong to the same group, but they’re as different as Maggie and Natalie Portman.

Here come the Court Cards:









And the full length version:











“Today’s photos don’t do the product justice,” sniffs the coutouriere. Yeah, I need a better photog than I am.

The verso print makes me smile — a classic calico, but slightly naughty. Maybe not: that god-fearing granny might have disapproved of gambling, but maybe played a couple of hands of euchre at the kitchen table.

Detail of pocket trim:










The full Loulander:












Making this apron was almost as fun as a being dealt a natural twenty one. Should you wish to gift a card playing cook, shoot me an email.



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Owls and Toiles: Aprons of the Day (And Giveaway)

You didn’t really think I’d let you get away with a week without a post about aprons, did you? I’m showing you two of four I made this week: the other two are Christmas commissions and their recipients just might be on Facebook. You’ll have to wait , breathless, until Boxing Day. I’d love it if the recipients were the models.

“Owls and Toiles” — well, it almost rhymes —  is flat out about how much I love these prints. The “Owls” side has a nice 60s Scandinavian vibe, especially as the cotton has a heavy linen-like texture. (So does the toile.)

Here’s the long tall view, with Friday night martini:

I’ve been just folle about Toile de Jouy since my teen eyes first spotted it. All those eighteenth century French rural scenes, complete with hens, shepherdesses, villages, haystacks, chickens…the toiles give me the same happiness as watching the teeny Chinese fishermen leaning over a bridge on a Blue Willow dinnerplate.

The apron:

Yeah, I like eyelet on pockets.

The second apron I’m showing is very much a departure. My (second) cousin Tarby — her grownup name is Charlotte, but she slips and calls me Muffie sometimes, sent me a shot of an apron sewn from a square of fabric and set like a diamond. I call it “Green and Garlic.” I love this garlicfabric:

The avocado reverse is prettier than it looks it this picture.

I skimped a bit on the fabric — it’s two small for Zoolander. But I kinda love the pointy hem, and I think it’s flattering.

I’m asking for some help road testing this new model. First person to comment will receive it in the mail, from moi,



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