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Apron of the Day: Also, Swat and Sweat

These are my worst-ever photos of an apron I’m very happy with. The color balance makes the background color of  the Christmas fabric look blue, when it’s a deep sprucey green. The Harvest festival/Hallowe’en/Thanksgiving side was fun to make, but hard to shoot.

Pourquoi? Because of the damn mosquitoes! The shoot was hurried because even in two minutes, we each flopped into the kitchen with between 8-14 bites apiece. The local NPR station ran a short bit tonight about how this might be the worst infestation of skitters in Chicago history The thing is: in many years, here in the burbs, the nibbling and gnashing begins in the evening. This summer those babies are biting at six am. What with the hottest summer in recorded memory and the bugs, I’m getting cabin fever in August!

I kind of love the gold rickrack trim on the pockets:

The verso:

The closeup:

Ok, I’m going to try to assemble some Cheap/Cheerful takes on today.

  1. A New Yorker in the mailbox. At 26 bucks a year that subscription might be the ultimate C&C deal. Loved the piece on Agatha Christie and the “Shouts and Murmurs” about Alex Trebek would have made me LOL if my hair hadn’t been plastered via sweat on my skull.
  2. My daughter and son-in-law arrived in Toronto with press credentials to the Rogers Cup. She’ll be able to attend the pressers and ask Federer and Nadal questions face to face. He’ll be mingling with the press photographers, shooting with that Nikon of his that is worth the down payment on a house in, say, Detroit.
  3. A pest control door to door salesman knocked and we could tell him that in this singular space in time we are pest-free.
  4. I have a Dove Bar in the fridge for later  consumption while I watch meteor showers, mosquitoes willing.


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