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Didier Boursin’s Origami Wallet

I wish I had something male to name. A son, unless by some Sarah-like miracle, is out A grandson – well I’d be so dazed with joy that they could name the kid Ebenezer and I’d say “How fresh and unusual! And no one in his class will have the same name!” But I suspect I’m going to have to adopt a tomcat if I want a namesake for Dider Boursin, a French origami master whose parents blessed him with the name fit for a swashbuckling French aristocrat who comes from a long line of cheesemakers. Hey – if I ever write a bodice-ripper I’ll know what to name the ripper!

Boursin is an architect by training, and a startlingly original folder. Origami purists tut tut at his oeuvre, because he occasional uses scissors – a serious solecism . But his animals and containers are so original, modern and witty that I can pick them out in a paper line up.

And now I’m going to show you one of his least eye-catching folds — for a wallet. There are as many cool origami wallets and there are origami books on my bookshelf, and I love all of them, mostly because they’re so practical and can be made from any 8 ½ X 11 sheet of paper.  I wouldn’t store my driver’s licence or credit cards in one, but it’s just the thing to keep your purse neat – tuck in the dry cleaner receipt, stamps, ticket stubs, business cards and photos.

These are without doubt the worst step-by-step origami photos I’ve ever taken, so I’ll try to talk you through the process. Like the best of practical origami it’s undemanding, and after a couple of attempts you’ll make it by heart in less than two minutes. I used construction paper, which isn’t the best choice because its soft texture prevents really sharp folds.

1) Fold a 1 ½ in. horizontal fold backwards at the top of the wallet:

2)Fold the short sides forward, again, an inch and a half.

3) Do the same with the bottom horizontal edge.

4) This is where the photography may hurt rather than help! Fold the top of the sheet down toward the bottom, and tuck it into the bottom flap about halfway. Crease sharply. It should resemble an open wallet with two horizontal slots to hold your stuff.5) Fold it left to right,to  about a quarter inch from the right edge. Turn it over and repeat on the reverse. This makes a cute little spine.

6)The finished wallet.

Unless you’re a paper nerd like me. I dug around for  a stamp I carved a few years ago, inked it sloppily, and decorated the cover.

If you can make this wallet from my sorry pictures, let me know! Honest, this is cheap, cheerful and useful.



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