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C & C Earth Day Edition: Site of the Day

I had great plans to show you my curtain making activity for Lloyd’s bedroom,https://cheapcheer.wordpress.com/2010/04/18/the-countdown-to-lloyd/ until I realized I hadn’t taken any pictures and the curtains aren’t that interesting. But NPR Head that I am, I was besieged with Earth Day radio as I measured and hemmed and pressed and stitched. The pressing part was a match of wills. An ironing board is one of Willow’s favorite places to laze and watch me,  as I go about my trifling human activities like making curtains, telling yet another insurance agent that I don’t want an estimate, or making an egg salad sandwich for lunch.

As I hung the curtains to check out the length I noticed that the neglected guest room windows would need the old vinegar and water and newspaper treatment. I’m not a deep person, and  if I were asked to pass on some Old Lady Wisdom on my deathbed it wouldn’t be something  about living in the present, dancing as if no one were watching or going vegan. It would be: Forget the Squeedgie, and the Windex: Get a bowl of vinegar and water and the Business Section.

I’ve mused about the family disposition to newsprint. https://cheapcheer.wordpress.com/2010/03/27/newspaper-mashup/

But just futzing about today I found this cool site. As God is my witness (channeling the O’Hara extended family in “Gone With the Wind’ who stuffed newspapers into any available orifice for insulation)It’s terrific. Newsprint can remove stinky odors from shoes and food containers? That I didn’t know . Did you?


I’ll have a forthcoming Master Class about origami hats folded from a broadsheet. But now, it’s all about washing windows.



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