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Object of the Day: ZBT Dance Card, 1929

Sometimes objects yell at me, when I’m strolling through an “antique” mall. I don’t know why I handed over ten bucks for this Zeta Beta Tau celluloid covered dance card from a  ZBT Spring dance from 1929. ZBT is interesting in itself: the first major Jewish frat.


I’m guessing this was a chapter at University of Wisconsin, Madison.

The programme:

The menu, and love that 1929 vibe:

I’ll have to do some checking on Green Peas a la Greene. What I love is this is a dance cards for guys! This fella didn’t do too bad.


These kids might have been dancing the Charleston., overseen by the chaperones:

What random objects can suggest! The Jewish youth and beauty at U Wisconsin, 1929, Chicken a la Maryland, frat lads plotting their dance moves. This is such a strange, personal piece of history. I doubt it would bring more than a buck on Ebay but I don’t give a care. I’m thinking about the flapper dresses, the band, and Madison in May.

Potatoes au Greenwich? Who knows?



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