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Apron of the Day: “Order in the Court”

I’ve been a sluggard of a seamstress for a couple of months. I put it down to heat and humidity induced laziness, too many thrillers, a week without power, and my continuing flirtation with bookbinding.

In the last couple of weeks I’ve turned out two. One was a gift, and I’m awaiting pix from the recipient — that means you, John dear. I made this one because I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the fabric. These two prints belong to the same group, but they’re as different as Maggie and Natalie Portman.

Here come the Court Cards:









And the full length version:











“Today’s photos don’t do the product justice,” sniffs the coutouriere. Yeah, I need a better photog than I am.

The verso print makes me smile — a classic calico, but slightly naughty. Maybe not: that god-fearing granny might have disapproved of gambling, but maybe played a couple of hands of euchre at the kitchen table.

Detail of pocket trim:










The full Loulander:












Making this apron was almost as fun as a being dealt a natural twenty one. Should you wish to gift a card playing cook, shoot me an email.




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