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Apron of the Day — Carmen Miranda

Because I’ve been suffering Blogger’s Block since New Year’s Day, doesn’t mean I haven’t been making aprons. Hellz, no! But because my beloved camera died — since replaced by my daughter and son-in-law (Honor and John, you are the best!,) I haven’t kept out with the photographic record.

Truth is, I’ve been experimenting . Everything from shashiko embroidery on handkerchief linen: because I love handwork



To flouncy little items like this, my “Carmen Miranda” which used up some cheery scraps, is adorable, and was a PIA to sew.

My supermodel, Lou Zoolander, has been a Drama King. “Not until I get a haircut!” “You want to shoot me outside, and it’s 48 degrees?” “Call my agent — I don’t roll out of bed for anything less than first crack at the “Times” crossword puzzle!.” So, he got a haircut, I shot him inside, and he got the puzzle.


The fabric:




Below,The Apron, which is a bad fit for Loulander’s shape. This is a girlie apron, which would be improved with defined waist and hips, lipstick, and kitten heels. The talent wasn’t buying it.



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Apron of the Day: For Katie

My niece Katherine is a Babe, a mother of four, lives in Fort Collins , and is a one smart woman. I was touched that she asked her Aunt Margaret to make a Christmas present apron for her mother-in-law,  I admired her fabric suggestions, and I sourced them.. One side: a vintage fabric depicting children, the reverse a sage green/gold print to harmonize with her MIL’s kitchen. She’s received it and given it the thumbs up so I’ll post the picture — it was before Zoolander got a haircut.

The reverse:

While uploading the snaps, I realized that my full frontal shots of Lou modelling the apron were crap beyond the means of Picassa to improve.  But I’m happy that Katie (like me, the eldest of our generational  cousinly federation) liked the apron. She has an eye, she knows what she wants, and I wish she didn’t live so far away.


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Apron of the Day: Geishas and Manga

Actually, this was an apron I made last week, but because it was a commission, I waited until I got the heads up today that my patron had received it.  I made it for the daughter of old and dear friends, whom I saw last when she was a tiny budding ballerina. Now she’s an Art History major in college. As Melissa and I aren’t FB friends, I assume her birthday present surprise won’t be blown here.

I started buying this geisha print a couple of years ago — a huge amount for me, like six yards. I have enough left for one more apron.

The manga reverse:

I’m mad for this fabric, and have enough left for one more apron.

I thank my friends and patrons for being such good clients, and for giving me the chance to make this, one of my all-time fave aprons.


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Apron of the Day: Also, Swat and Sweat

These are my worst-ever photos of an apron I’m very happy with. The color balance makes the background color of  the Christmas fabric look blue, when it’s a deep sprucey green. The Harvest festival/Hallowe’en/Thanksgiving side was fun to make, but hard to shoot.

Pourquoi? Because of the damn mosquitoes! The shoot was hurried because even in two minutes, we each flopped into the kitchen with between 8-14 bites apiece. The local NPR station ran a short bit tonight about how this might be the worst infestation of skitters in Chicago history The thing is: in many years, here in the burbs, the nibbling and gnashing begins in the evening. This summer those babies are biting at six am. What with the hottest summer in recorded memory and the bugs, I’m getting cabin fever in August!

I kind of love the gold rickrack trim on the pockets:

The verso:

The closeup:

Ok, I’m going to try to assemble some Cheap/Cheerful takes on today.

  1. A New Yorker in the mailbox. At 26 bucks a year that subscription might be the ultimate C&C deal. Loved the piece on Agatha Christie and the “Shouts and Murmurs” about Alex Trebek would have made me LOL if my hair hadn’t been plastered via sweat on my skull.
  2. My daughter and son-in-law arrived in Toronto with press credentials to the Rogers Cup. She’ll be able to attend the pressers and ask Federer and Nadal questions face to face. He’ll be mingling with the press photographers, shooting with that Nikon of his that is worth the down payment on a house in, say, Detroit.
  3. A pest control door to door salesman knocked and we could tell him that in this singular space in time we are pest-free.
  4. I have a Dove Bar in the fridge for later  consumption while I watch meteor showers, mosquitoes willing.


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Apron of the Day and Odds and Ends

Yes, Friends, I went to Sears yesterday and forked out for a new Kenmore sewing machine.I had to: I was feeling as jittery about not having a working machine as I do when I don’t have computer access. It’s nothing fancy — I’ll probably lust as vainly for a Bernina as I do for Rafael Nadal — but, by gum it works! Here’s the result of today’s session at the machine. You’d split a gut if you saw my sewing setup. My dining room table is generous, but not if it’s being shared with 1) The New York Times 2) a man who’s set up for his crossword session, which includes a coffee mug, a coffee carafe,  an ashtray, reading glasses and the remains of a dish of potato salad3)today’s mail 4) a calico cat who likes to help me sew. She entertains herself by trying to slide her paw under the needle when it’s on the up, pulling it out before it nails it to the feed dogs.

I’m no lonely little seamstress toiling away in obscurity in a garret. Nor does my setup resemble the atelier at a great maison de couture! Here’s today’s yin/yang apron.

The Guy side. Here’s a closeup of the Guy fabric:

The Girl side, followed by a closeup of the very pink bonbon fabric:

Cheerful, yes?

I listened to “All Things Considered” on NPR as I stitched and pressed and tried to find a clear square foot on the table. I was sad, not cheerful, when I heard that the great journalist Daniel Schorr died today. I swear I heard him two weeks ago being smart about something. Ninety three is a fine quiverful of annual arrows, and he did live quite the life. He was justly proud of being on Nixon’s Enemies List.

Cheer returned within ten minutes. Helen Simonson (whose very modern and very touching Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand I read last week) was speaking on the Guilty Pleasures segment. You heard it here first: https://cheapcheer.wordpress.com/2010/07/17/the-grand-georgette-heyer/

Here’s her take on the Grand Georgette Heyer:


I’m not going to tell you much about  Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand except that it’s about choices, easy and hard, in modern multicultural Britain. Simonson can write.

So hie thee to the library. I’m going to hie me to a martini.


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