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Apron(s) Of the Day

The weather has cooled, and it’s as if degrees in the 80s are my favorite high 60s. I get up earlier, I have more energy, I think  about accomplishing  stuff like cleaning bathrooms and weeding, which were beyond me during the heat wave in July.

I went back to my roots and sewed a version of my “Farmhouse Lady” apron. I love the scalloped hem (not too visible because of my poor photography) and I’m mad about the farmhouse prints. I have a soft spot in my heart for this apron because it’s the first I ever made, in prints rooted from my stash.

Attention, Uncle Lloyd: Supermodel Willow showed up tonight, if only to show her ass as she scratches topsoil over shit.

Man, do I love these prints:


















Here’s the apron, which I’m mad about.











The reverse:












This is a brand new apron, fun to make, practical, tied together at the sides, and featuring a full back as well as the front. It’s tied at the sides with twill tape, for much sizing adaptability. Amazing feature: it’s open at the bottom, so it can be used as a laundry bag or a receptacle for gathering beets or tomatoes from the garden.  I’m going to call it “Kitchen and Garden.” It’s tabard style.









Bright print. Verso: A pretty, subdued, Chinese print:









It’s easy to wear, has deep pockets for garden trowels and random radishes, and I love twill tape ties:











I should have pulled the fabric down and straightened the apron. I’m not only a bad photographer, but a bad stylist. Note Willow burying, well, something.











Here’s a better idea of the swell properties of the apron. Clean, useful, plain.

If either apron strikes a chord and you want to buy it, shoot me a message.





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Apron of the Day: “Can I Get You Something From The Bar?”

Hey! I tried out a new apron today, which was a stitching wake-up. A new concept: an apron with the neck straps and the tie ends composed of three yards of twill tape. There’s a casing that runs from the bib to the side of the of the apron, and with a tug of the tape you can adjust the fit in a flash.

The apron Goddess Mary Mulari has a great pattern for this apron in its reversible form. I’d made a single-sided version for my cooking buddy and eGullet boss Dave seven (?) years ago, so I found that pattern, checked Mary’s website, and cooked up my version. It’s so plain it’s almost a waiter’s apron, but that’s part of the reason I love it. Lou liked it when he was forced to the photo shoot: Just pull at the tie ends and you can raise and lower the bib and adjust the waist ties to adjust to your own beautiful, unique bod.

Maybe this is a bartender’s apron? I had a fresh fun red martini print:









And a Chicago saloon shot and a beer print:










Here’s the apronly result:






















I used grosgrain ribbon for the ties, because even the Divine Mary suggests that ribbon or twill tape are a better sewing alternative  thantrying to turn out a nine foot long fabric tube. For true sewing nerds: rejoice! OMG, go to I have, like, 73 yards heading my way for fifteen bucks, including shipping. (They have twill tape in colors! )

Wow, it’s a beautiful night in the ‘Ville: I can turn off the A/C and open the windows. It’s been a couple of months since the curtains fluttering inside the bedroom window has been a possibility.

(If you’re interested in buying the apron, shoot me an email.)







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Apron of the Day: Summer Cocktails

Get out your cocktail shakers and your green plastic lime squeezer from the supermercado.

I love these prints, which suggest limeade in the early ’70s and Pina Coladas in the fifties. Or, perhaps, margaritas right now, while your skirt steak sizzles on the grill and you grate cheese and slice avocados in the kitchen.










I like the graphic pow of the apron, full length. A better photographer would have provided more pow.












This print makes me happy — the colors, the detail , that mixologist vibe. I figured rickrack on the pocket was historically mandatory.









I think the model needs a tiki drink. Smile, already!











Pulling those two fabrics from my stash and mating them made me smile all afternoon; I take my inspiration from fabric designers everywhere. Dang, I wish I had some limes in the house!

(If you’re interested in buying this apron, shoot me an email.)


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Apron of the Day: “Order in the Court”

I’ve been a sluggard of a seamstress for a couple of months. I put it down to heat and humidity induced laziness, too many thrillers, a week without power, and my continuing flirtation with bookbinding.

In the last couple of weeks I’ve turned out two. One was a gift, and I’m awaiting pix from the recipient — that means you, John dear. I made this one because I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the fabric. These two prints belong to the same group, but they’re as different as Maggie and Natalie Portman.

Here come the Court Cards:









And the full length version:











“Today’s photos don’t do the product justice,” sniffs the coutouriere. Yeah, I need a better photog than I am.

The verso print makes me smile — a classic calico, but slightly naughty. Maybe not: that god-fearing granny might have disapproved of gambling, but maybe played a couple of hands of euchre at the kitchen table.

Detail of pocket trim:










The full Loulander:












Making this apron was almost as fun as a being dealt a natural twenty one. Should you wish to gift a card playing cook, shoot me an email.



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Apron of the Day: “Sweets and Sushi”

It’s been awhile since I posted my last apron, and I apologize. I just know all of you have been panting for the latest springtime modele.

It’s been so long that Loulander has forgotten that he’s supposed to smile when the shutter clicks. Here he’s rocking that smolder on the green carpet in “Sweets and Sushi.”

Sushi side:

The long view:

I want a slice of all of these for dessert tonight:

Aw, what a dish!

(Needless to say, should you want to buy this beauty, shoot me a message.)

I think I’m going to have to devote some time at the Kenmore whipping up a spring wardrobe. Actual clothes: what a concept!

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Apron of the Day:”Truly, Madly, Mauvely” and my Favorite Movie

This apron’s name didn’t surface until I was almost finished with it. Then it popped in the Naming portion of my brain — which is overdeveloped.

Truly, Madly, Mauvely.

Here’s a closeup of the aubergine print, pleasingly purple.

The verso is another print I love, a mauve floral:


The apron’s name is a riff on the title of my all-time favorite move — yes, my favorite movie of all time.

It came out in the early 90s, was written and directed by Anthony Minghella. Juliet Stevenson plays a young woman devastated by the death of her lover, Alan Rickman, who was a cellist. (How great to see Alan as a romantic lead!) Alan returns as a ghost and after 90 or so heady, romantic minutes shows Juliet how to get on with her life.

If it sounds like Ghost, it isn’t. At all. (One critic at the time called TMD something like “Ghost for people who can do crossword puzzles.”) One telling point from my own experience is remembering my reaction s from my first viewing of both flix.


I went to Ghost with two girlfriends and we escaped being tossed out of the theater by stuffing our gloves in our mouths — the movie was so lame we laughed hysterically.

The first time I watched Truly Madly Deeply I sobbed for so long my husband was concerned. But it’s no romantic three hanky weeper — it’s smart, often funny and somehow uplifting.

If I recall correctly, there’s a scene set in Juliet’s kitchen. Alan Rickman’s wearing an apron


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Apron of the Day: Gimme Liberty or Give me Death

I spend enough time and thought on my aprons that I’ve noticed I’ve begun to give them names. When I was working on my most recent commission (leopard skin on one side, skulls and crossbones on the reverse) I named it “Skin and Bones.”

When a Liberty of London floral is backed with tattoo skulls and roses, what else to call it but “Gimme Liberty or Give me Death?”

The House of Magz Rags own Zoolander is back on the runway, which today is close to the driveway.

Here’s Liberty:











I figured: Why not a few more flowers? Here’s a closeup of the fabric and and pocket trim:








The Dark Side:











The pocket trim here is suitably funereal — a touch of jumbo black rick rack.









This is the kickoff of the 2011 Apron Season! (Any of these are, um, available for sale.) I’d love it if you come up with your own names and post them — hey, if they’re better than mine, I’ll change the tag.




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