My name is Margaret McArthur, AKA Maggie. I write mostly about food, and have been published in “Gastronomica” and “Best food Writing of 2009.” Most of my food writing originally appeared at the culinary and literary website egullet.org.

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  1. Ian Chaykowski

    Hi Margaret,
    I found your blog about a week ago while web-searching for your dad.
    (McA. family genealogy). The Father’s Day testament is outstanding.
    It’s been a hoot reading the archives. You definitely have the
    Peter G. McA gene for language.
    Cheers from the Frozen North

  2. Ian Chaykowski

    Hi again Margaret,
    Sorry about the time lapse.
    I’ve been fighting a nasty trojan on my laptop & finally gave in and passed the machine to my IBM son for flushing.
    Peter G. McA.’s cousin David from across McA. Rd. in Ekfrid was my G. grandfather. My Grandmother was Minnie McArthur Fisher
    I was in Appin/Glencoe the weekend before your mom’s burial for a memorial & burial of my uncle Lyman McA. Fisher. He was the last child born to a McArthur family member on the original homesteads.

    At the time I spent a week doing the genealogy thing, archives, cemetery photos, etc.

    I find satisfaction in the detective work finding the elusive records=/or photos, but the real “happy dance” happens with the discovery of a letter or writing that shows some of the essence of a person .

    Your Father’s Day remembrance & the image of the ever-present handkerchiefs are much more revealing than a photo.

    Thanks a lot,
    Edmonton, Alta.

    p.s.- digging up the old family “dirt” can be a whole lot of fun

  3. Derry Gleason

    I’ve been searching for information about a woodcut? print I have. I wonder could it be your great-uncle’s work. It is a small print on a 5×7 stock. It is titled Cabaine a Sucre Quebec. It is signed but I can’t read the signature clearly. Derry

  4. i’ve heard much about your aprons from kim, now i get to see them! they’re great and your model is abviously a good sport 🙂

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