The Kitchen Reno: Ottawa Edition

Many of you have come through a rip-it-back to the drywall and start from scratch kitchen renovation and lived on to lead full, productive lives. But man, it’s a major shakeup to body and mind. I can’t count the times I’ve reached down for a roll of plastic wrap to be foiled by the drawer that’s not there anymore.

My father got most of the work done before I arrived, but there was still plenty of cabinet emptying and stuff-reshuffling to handle this weekend. Yesterday was demo day. Here are some pix of the devastation:
The pantry, relocated.












Bye, bye cabinets and tile backsplash. What took the most time was removing the wallpaper. David was hard at  it until 7:00 pm, which shot my plans for cooking dinner. Here are random views of the rest of the house, now a storage locker for kitchen contents.






The mantle and hearth are now shelves for two centuries of Blue Willow and lead crystal.






The dining room is now an appliance bin, prep area and storage.






Upheaval can be a good thing, leading to broadening experiences and improvisation. Case in point: for the first time in his 85 years my father ordered a pizza for dinner. We had a picnic in the parlor off paper plates.





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4 responses to “The Kitchen Reno: Ottawa Edition

  1. Reaching for plastic wrap and foiled by the missing drawer—Girl you DO beat all. I’d send you my empathy, but my only experience is in the actual BUILD of the house, and that time we cleared out the entire space, two-ton stove and all, to lay the slate floor.

    Wear gloves, take frequent breaks, work like my Daddy did—“Until Scotch” was apparently a time of day.

    We ordered in Chinese food for Mothers’ Day supper—I recommend it.

  2. sparrowgrass

    You are a most excellent daughter!! What did your dad think about the pizza?

  3. kim shook

    How did you get pictures of my house? Oh – Ottawa. Did you know that when you get new siding, you have to take down every single item from all perimeter walls. And pile them up in the middle of the floor. To trip over for 3 weeks. I did not know this. Yay for takeaway!

  4. Charlotte

    Still waiting for “after” pictures! We need some cheap cheer in our lives. Missing your fun take on life.

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