Apron of the Day — Carmen Miranda

Because I’ve been suffering Blogger’s Block since New Year’s Day, doesn’t mean I haven’t been making aprons. Hellz, no! But because my beloved camera died — since replaced by my daughter and son-in-law (Honor and John, you are the best!,) I haven’t kept out with the photographic record.

Truth is, I’ve been experimenting . Everything from shashiko embroidery on handkerchief linen: because I love handwork



To flouncy little items like this, my “Carmen Miranda” which used up some cheery scraps, is adorable, and was a PIA to sew.

My supermodel, Lou Zoolander, has been a Drama King. “Not until I get a haircut!” “You want to shoot me outside, and it’s 48 degrees?” “Call my agent — I don’t roll out of bed for anything less than first crack at the “Times” crossword puzzle!.” So, he got a haircut, I shot him inside, and he got the puzzle.


The fabric:




Below,The Apron, which is a bad fit for Loulander’s shape. This is a girlie apron, which would be improved with defined waist and hips, lipstick, and kitten heels. The talent wasn’t buying it.




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6 responses to “Apron of the Day — Carmen Miranda

  1. Charming and handsome all at once, and it’s just SEVEN-OH-SEVEN AYEM. In the morning. Miss Carmen would be SO pleased.

    I’ve MISSSSSED you, Kiddo, and knew you were working up a storm on something beautiful or cute or fantastic. Not I. The three Hunger Games, then the Girl With, etc., in three volumes are whiling away the free time, and so I speak in either Strategy or Swedish. All ingo and no output on the word front—no work, not much play. Jill is a dull girl, but we DID have a super weekend, despite the chilly damp.

    We took Sweetpea to see Cinderella—a local school production, but the best one I’ve ever seen. We all loved it, and Our Girl was quite smitten. The singing and the ORCHESTRA and the puppet-work and ESPECIALLY the stage settings were wonderful. And the moment when the clamouring, eager girls were mobbing the Prince to try on the shoe, and one lost her enormous wig backward into the orchestra pit—hilarious bliss. Then we went out for burgers and ice cream. How better to end the day.

    Hope all is well with you two—stay warm, and I think change is just around the corner.

    love and,


    • Rachel ,I’ve missed you too. It’s been an inspiration-free winter for me, writing wise. I love to hear about Sweetpea, and what you’re reading. I haven’t started either Brave Girl trilogies but I foresee many the wasted hour catching up on them.XOXO

  2. kim shook

    Me, too! Me, too! You are so missed. I, too, am blocked. Sucks. I can’t even manage to write a letter to my grandmother. I have had a draft in my word docs for 2 WEEKS!!! Anyway – adorable apron. Love, love LOVE those fabrics! Funny – I detest ‘mid century modern’ art and architecture, but LOVE the graphic prints – fabrics, paper, napkins, etc. Must ask – did you really mean ‘handwork’ as in you took a needle and floss and sewed those designs your self??? Because, if so, you really ARE my idol! But, if you didn’t – I STILL wanna be you when I grow up. Tell Lou that the haircut is a success and that he doesn’t look at ALL like he just got finished rolling his eyes! MWAH!

  3. Hi, Kim my sister — I’ve missed you too. Let’s hope springtime will get the sap flowing in both of us.

    Yes, indeedy, that is my very own embroidery. I’ve always loved embroidery and smocking, and I decided to try the traditional Japanese sashiko version this winter.

  4. sparrowgrass

    I don’t know nothing bout no smocking, but. . . . . my mom would like a pattern for a smocked little girl’s dress to make for Sophia ( who is currently wearing a 2T.) Would you know where she could find such a thing? I remember I had one as a child–gingham, so the smocking was easy.

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