Apron of the Day: Pumpkins and Reindeer

I’m in production mode.

I was stunned to realize, as I pulled my apron inventory from my warehouse (that would be the linen closet) that I didn’t have one stinkin’ holiday apron  on hand. I blew whatever money that came from my last apron sale on Christmassy fabric (oooooh, I have some cool yardage!”) and pondered the possibilities of the reversible apron.

For The Season, I’m expanding into mother/daughter, grandmother/granddaughter, doll aprons — even wine bottle aprons. But value is important, so I’m thinking: one side can be holiday based but the verso should be a print that can be worn year-round. What do you think?

As it happened, I found a yard of fabric from my stash that handles the two fall holidays that feature pumpkins — plus the print is so terrific that it could handle twelve months a year.









The life-sized reveal:











(If you crave some Asian pears, c’mon over and strip the tree.)

This is the witty Christmas side — I love these reindeers.







Willow put in an appearance, but didn’t climb into the shoot — note the windfall pears. Sigh.






I love this apron, red rickrack and reindeer:











So let’s crowd source this. If you’re buying a Christmas cookie- baking, gravy- stirring, hors d’ouevres -passing  Christmas apron, would you like the reverse to be a pretty print you could wear year-round?



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6 responses to “Apron of the Day: Pumpkins and Reindeer

  1. Charlotte

    No, because then I’d wear it all the time and it would be dirty for Christmas. If it has pumpkins on it, surely I’ll have it clean again by the time Christmas rolls around. I love this apron to pieces! The reindeer print is reminiscent of a favourite tin box of my mom’s, and the pumpkins are luscious in their rich colours! Is it sold yet? Thanksgiving and Christmas. Those are the days I really cook, and always wish I had an apron. Please say it can be mine!


  2. Sold to my beloved second cousin!

  3. Mmmmm. . .very tough question! I think there’s something to be said for just going for the Christmas theme. Or how about a Hanukkah/Christmas apron flip? That could work really well for a lot of mixed households!

  4. Gretchen

    I have two of your aprons, one is for Thanksgiving/christmas the other is flowers/stars

    I like keeping them separate. Just means we need more and that’s a good thing!

  5. Thanks for the valuable advice — which is not what I thought it would be. Crowd sourcing in fab. Now to find some Hanuhkah fabrics.

  6. Kim Shook

    I’d actually like TWO Christmas sides. One bright/light and one dark. That way, I could actually cook in it. I’d wear it dark side out while cooking and whip it off and turn it around as the first guests arrived so as to be fresh and clean and decorative. If I remembered.

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