Object of the Day: ZBT Dance Card, 1929

Sometimes objects yell at me, when I’m strolling through an “antique” mall. I don’t know why I handed over ten bucks for this Zeta Beta Tau celluloid covered dance card from a  ZBT Spring dance from 1929. ZBT is interesting in itself: the first major Jewish frat.


I’m guessing this was a chapter at University of Wisconsin, Madison.

The programme:

The menu, and love that 1929 vibe:

I’ll have to do some checking on Green Peas a la Greene. What I love is this is a dance cards for guys! This fella didn’t do too bad.


These kids might have been dancing the Charleston., overseen by the chaperones:

What random objects can suggest! The Jewish youth and beauty at U Wisconsin, 1929, Chicken a la Maryland, frat lads plotting their dance moves. This is such a strange, personal piece of history. I doubt it would bring more than a buck on Ebay but I don’t give a care. I’m thinking about the flapper dresses, the band, and Madison in May.

Potatoes au Greenwich? Who knows?



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6 responses to “Object of the Day: ZBT Dance Card, 1929

  1. Don’t such insignificant items just CAPTIVATE??!!

    I can still smell the eau de Bay Rum and do you see the teensy spot of brilliantine just THERE at the bottom of page 1?

    OH, what it could say, could say. And do have a look here:

    Could it BE?
    Scroll to the very bottom and see who Mr. Leonard Schramm married.

  2. Oh My God, Rachel — it’s true! I’m speechless. I hope Len and Elvis had a wonderful life together. Can someone fill me in about why a nice Jewish college girl would be named Elvis? Thank you so much, Rachel, for making this bit of frippery even closer as a piece of personal history. Dang!

    • Alex

      I love your purchase! We need to bring back dance cards.

      According to Wikipedia, Elvis “is an Anglicisation of the name of the Irish saint Ailbe of Emly….The name Ailbhe remains a common female name in Ireland.” BTW, “Elvis” recently dropped off the list of the 1000 most popular baby names.

  3. kim shook

    Of all the crap (using the word very lovingly) I collect, ephemera is probably my favorite. I would have snapped that up in a second, Maggie! Ten dollars is a STEAL! And with the added dimension of the food? Fabulous!

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