Things I Learned This Week

It was a weather week and an insomnia week. Weather: grey skies, nearby tornadoes, humidity and temps in the sixties. The low sixties. Insomnia: Asleep by four am, though I’d been twitching in bed since midnight, then bolt upright at nine. Five hours sleep  = Margaret, Zombie Empress from Hell.

It was an unproductive week. It was too wet to garden, my mind was too fuzzy to write, yadda yadda yadda. So, I’ll try to scrape my errant brain cells together and try to sum up the things that I learned this week. Or relearned this week.

I won’t spring for cable, but these two weeks tempts me, every darned year. Why? Wimbledon. I want to see every match on the outside courts, the white tennis costumes against the green grass, the passion and brilliance. I’ll get over it in a couple of weeks. But then the US Open will commence and I’ll have to hold serve and stay tough not to call some Godawful cable company.

I admire the writing of Elizabeth Berg, and I’ll write a full Library Card post about her. She can string together a plot with poetry.











I learned that stabbing a half onion on a fork then dipping it in olive oil is a swell way to oil a grill.

I’ll never stop missing my daughter and son-in-law. Ever.

I just don’t understand people who want to retire to a rustic farmette. I love the ‘Ville and all, but I want to walk out my front door and stroll to a street scattered with shops, restaurants and businesses run by folks I’ll get to know.

My archaeologist next-door-neighbor, “Little” Dale Simpson, (honorary nephew) was climbing Machu Picchu two days ago. I reel with jealousy, and salute Dale for his passion, and, as we say, following his dream.

I might not ever be a Jeopardy champ, but I could come home with a few thousand bucks.

Basil is always, always, reliable grown from seed.

No news here, but let me tell you, editing another writer’s work isn’t a clinical affair.

Friday night cheeseburgers with grilled onions and a beer is Friday night comfort.

I need insomnia advice.

And NBC is broadcasting Wimbledon tomorrow!



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12 responses to “Things I Learned This Week

  1. Gretchen

    I get special channels through Direct TV for Tennis during tournaments and you are always welcome to come over, if you don’t mind fighting off jumping dogs, scattered dishes, and Joe ( you never really know where he is until he is “there”)
    we have 4 TVs with access ( which is excessive when only three of us live here and Daryl is the only one who watches TV)
    so, help yourself

  2. Boss, you rule. Tell Joe to make sure he’s wearing at least PJ bottoms because I might just pop in.

  3. Excuse me, EXCUSE ME–what is wrong with a remote farmette, you city slicker!?! I am not retired yet, but I not only plan on retiring here, I plan on being buried right on this little hill!!

    I wouldn’t live anyplace else–we don’t have a single stoplight in this county, and it is 20 miles to the closest 4-lane highway. A traffic jam is when someone going north on Main spots a friend going south, and they stop their trucks in the middle of the road to chat, window to window.

    I *could* stroll to the shops–if I wanted to walk 3 miles each way–but shopping is why they invented the interwebz, ya know! Instead, I can stroll off into a million acres of National Forest hills and valleys, play in clear creeks and listen to the cicadas buzz.

    The whippoorwills do keep me awake now and then, that is true. They need to expand their repertoire if they insist on singing 5 feet outside my bedroom window. And the rooster needs to learn how to sleep in past 5:30.

  4. I SO empathize with your toss-and-turn, and the dive into unconscious, but I DO believe that the ZEFH title may be rightfully my own, merely by chronology.

    Bravo to Basil, followers of dreams, and Friday night comforts, for they
    are what dreams ARE made of.

    I DO hope you find a slumber-pattern which rests and refreshes you, for being that tired takes the stuffin’ out of even the fun things.

    Don’t you dream, too, of seeing your name on a bright yellow book like that someday? I cannot imagine the feeling, nor the holding, but it is a lovely thing to contemplate. Trekking Samarkand has not such elusive quality.

    One more: DEBRA HENK—I love you! All my Daddy’s suppertime news and jokes were from pickup-window conversations in the road.

  5. I got too busy being all fluffed up over that terrible insult to my life-style to respond to the insomnia–have you tried melatonin? It works for me.

  6. Debra: I swear, I hit “publish” and thought: “Oh shit. Sparrowgrass’s feelings will get hurt!” When you talk about your lifestyle it sounds idyllic and just right for you. Guess I’ll never see another egg from Chez Debra! 😦 I blame the insomnia for my rudeness.

  7. Bev

    I feel for you. I am a fellow insomniac. I wish my brain came with an off switch. Nothing really works for me but I usually get up and find something to do. If it lasts too long I wuss out and get some sleeping pills.

  8. sparrowgrass

    Aw, it is ok. I am glad most people like to live in town–otherwise, you would be out here cluttering up the countryside!
    It is just right for me–I may have been raised in the ‘burbs, but I am a country girl at heart.

  9. Patty

    Well here is an idea for a sleep aid – somehow for whatever reason it works for me – 400mg ibuprofen. If I do wake up during the night for bathroom break I fall right back to sleep, right back. Some nights I don’t take any and then I’m always sorry as I toss and turn or can’t go back to sleep. Maybe it just removes aches or relaxes but it works for me.

  10. Patty: I can try that! Thanks, Babe.

  11. kim shook

    Yep, me too. Sitting here after 12:30am. I have to be at work in 7 HOURS. I got up at 6:15 this morning (actually yesterday morning – ack!). But am I upstairs even TRYING to sleep? Obviously not. sigh.

    I think that I’m somewhere between you and Sparrowgrass. Not the country nor the city. Maybe one of those villages that I fell in love with last month. All the stores you REALLY need, a good sized city within bus-reach and cows on the hill behind your house. I could be a pillar of the WI and give cooking lessons. And some delightful lady could teach me how to cultivate roses. Yep.

    ‘Night, ‘night, dear lady. Hope you are asleep soon (and for a long time).


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