Spring in the ‘Ville. Again.

Spring in northern Illinois is a warmer version of spring in Quebec — three weeks earlier but just as maddening. We hit 84 one day, and a terrifying nighttime prairie thunderstorm later be were back in the thirties. T.S.  knew what he was talking about when he wrote that :

APRIL is the cruellest month, breeding
Lilacs out of the dead land, mixing
Memory and desire, stirring

Dull roots with spring rain


Well, April is also National Poetry Month.

But a couple of things on this April day made me breathe in the cool sunny air. As in every April, my daffodils are furling, along with some tulips and scilla. Heaven bless my bulbs.








My thyme and tarragon are back too, and I suspect the oregano will surge as it gets warmer. Tomorrow I’ll move the tax forms and the sewing machine from the dining room table and center a pitcher bulging with daffodils and tulips.

Here’s another eternal sign of spring, from out my back door. This kid was kicking around a soccer ball with his big brother, his uncle, his Dad four years ago when he was two. He’s bigger now, but the grass verge futbol, which will continue until the snow falls, is a sign of spring as indelible as my crabapple tree leafing out, the cats twitching at the fresh birdsong, and the soft thunder of an EJ&E train rumbling through my open window.



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4 responses to “Spring in the ‘Ville. Again.

  1. Looks like a beautiful day in your neighborhood!! Chillun and balls, bats, bikes and boards are the Sure Signs here, even if they’re muffled and jacketed to the ears.

    Today’s gorgeous, and all the little hosta ears are peeking through the beds, where I spent two hours raking out all Winter’s debris last week.

    The herbs are coming out nicely, as well—lavender and thyme and tarragon are greening, and tee-ninecy mint is spreading.

    VIOLETS!!! It’s a wonderful thing that the two complementary colors come out together—we have about twice as many dandeelyun flowers as purples.

    Sunny days to you.

  2. sparrowgrass

    I heard the first whippoorwill last night. He really needs to expand his repertoire if he is going to sing so close to my bedroom window. The first 576 repetitions were fine–the next 576, not so much.

  3. kim shook

    Down here, the daffodils are almost gone, the tulips still upright and not yet doing their sinuous snake dance. The weeping cherries and redbuds and dogwoods are bursting forth and my peonies are just barely peeping out of the ground. Yesterday was TOO HOT, but today was better. I love spring!

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