Good Advice

This post isn’t about big life-changing good advice — I am zero qualified, as messy as my house, brain and life is. This is about non earthshaking advice that’s made my life better, from magazines sometimes, but mostly from people I know that are way smarter and together than I am. I love you and I thank you.

  1. The only color of mascara to buy is black.
  2. Keep your ginger in the freezer — it keeps perfectly, which doesn’t in the depths of a vegetable drawer.
  3. Argentinian Malbec is huge tasting and underpriced.
  4. Thank you, Delia Smith: To make insanely rich, flaky pastry, grate frozen butter into the flour. Trust me.
  5. Learn to pick up your pie dough on a rolling pin.
  6. Thank you, Jacques Pepin: Keep your whole chicken from bopping up above the poaching water by enclosing it in an upside down colander.
  7. From Mummy: Never ever buy an article of clothing unless you’re seriously mad for it. Then buy it, right away.
  8. From Nonna: You need to use a black pan to make pizza.
  9. From Dave: Drop the adverbs, push the narrative.
  10. Gulp water when you’re ascending or descending on a flight –it will keep your ears open.
  11. Pennies make awesome pie weights.
  12. Mummy: always make dessert. Every night
  13. You learn more from your children than they learn from you.
  14. Honor: Always wear sunscreen — at least in SoCal.
  15. Daddy: Cling to your intellectual life, your family life, your impeccable wardrobe, no matter how  grim life is.
  16. Keep up with your friends. Not only are they life connections, they offer love and advice.
  17. Studs Terkel: Take it easy, but take it.

I’d love to hear your advice, on any and every subject from lingerie to Life.



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5 responses to “Good Advice

  1. Alex

    1. I wouldn’t know.
    2. Yes. It also keeps well when submerged in dry sherry.
    3. I agree enthusiastically. To find the true bargains, do your research or, as I do, rely on a knowledgable merchant. There’s some mediocre Malbec out there. I currently have two cases put away for aging, plus a few bottles for now. Ms. Alex loves to pair Malbec with chocolate.
    4. I’ll try that the next time.
    5. Ditto
    6. Sorry, I don’t poach whole chickens.
    7. Excellent advice. Except maybe for underwear and socks. I can’t recall ever being mad about those. That’s probably a good thing.
    8. Yes. I also prefer a black cookie sheet.
    9. That’s spectacularly good advice. 😉
    10. Swallowing is the key, but staying hydrated on a flight also is essential.
    11. I’ve always used beans, but of course pennies would work. How do you wash them?
    12. Can she be my mother?
    13. I’ve had no children of my own, unfortunately. I’ve learned a lot from other children in my life, though. And my students.
    14. That also works for Michigan. You can get sunburned on a cloudy day.
    15. Great advice, although my non-work clothing of choice usually is some distance from impeccable.
    16. Bien sûr, mon amie.

  2. Alex:
    Pennies wash really well in the washing machine, as you know if you’ve ever left a few in a pocket on laundry day. But because the pie weights always lie atop a layer of foil or parchment paper, their cleanliness is a moot point.I pour my pennies in a colander twice a year and give them a scrub. The cool thing is all that metal putting out heat, and the fact that they’re heavier than beans, my old pie weight standby.

  3. kim shook

    All good advice. I seriously need to remember #9.

  4. Val Erde

    Great list! Sorry I’ve not visited for a while, I keep getting distracted (and I now have a new blog as well as my usual one, for my pics of birdies, etc.

    Tip: as soon as you get a ringing in your ears (oncoming tinnitus) tip your head, offending ear towards nearest shoulder. Wait a moment. If that doesn’t work, tip your other ear towards the other shoulder (ie, left ear to left shoulder, right ear to right shoulder). If done quickly – it gets rid of it.

    Tip: if you get hiccups, breath very slowly and evenly. Hiccups are usually caused by a spasm in the diaphragm and this relaxes it. Alternatively, get someone you love to give you a hug. That works too!


  5. Val Erde

    Sorry, meant to give you a link to my new blog, and forgot. It’s Val’s Nature

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