Must Bake:Savory Cheese and Chive Bread From Dorie Greenspan

I bought Dorie Greenspan’s Around My French Table a few weeks after it was published, but I hadn’t cooked much from it, what with geographical discombobulation and other culinary distractions. Gee, was I a folle! I read it all way through this afternoon and found it, jaded cook that I am, inspiring.

Nothing’s too hard, nothing’s too pricey, it’s written in Dorie’s pal-to-pal style, and every recipe just sounds good. I rarely write rarely about food here on my blog, preferring to do it elsewhere, but kids — this is too good not share right now: Savory Cheese and Chive Bread. Here’s the recipe:

You see, it just happened that I had all the ingredients within reach, including spring chives. I had odds and ends of cheese in the fridge, and a few sprigs of new thyme, and — this is what made me smile: it’s a baking powder based quick bread, not a yeast bread, and is easier to assemble than zucchini bread.

My well-traveled and well-heeled cousin Cort confided, over dinner at Tru, that he likes tastes that pop, that explode. I cut off the first slice and it was a flavor grenade.

I took one bite and craved a glass of Sauvignon Blanc. It was a little early in the day , so I abstained until later in the day.




I was right: it goes with white wine like Fred did with Ginger. Dorie says she cuts it into cubes to serve with aperitifs, which is such a swell idea.

While we were sipping and nibbling, we got another swell idea. We’re always thinking about next night’s dinner before we eat tonight’s dinner, and onion soup is on for tomorrow. We almost talked over each other: this would be an awesome, awesome crouton floating above the soup, perhaps topped with more cheese.

Chill that crisp white, and bake this bread.




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5 responses to “Must Bake:Savory Cheese and Chive Bread From Dorie Greenspan

  1. Lovely and enticing, and ever-so-much-more-beautiful than the loaf chez Greenspan.

    Thank you so much, my Darlin’ Dear, for the lovely note and the sweet words—it made this snowy day break right out in sunshine (truly—it was coming down when Sweetpea went down for her nap, the ground and lawn stuff were covered in white, and when she awoke, voila!! Everything as was, and nary a scrap in sight. “Ganner cleaned off the yard,” was her inexperienced reaction).

    That little round “return” on the envelope gave me a happy heartbeat when I tiptoed to flat-scrape it up out of the mailbox. I KNEW it was you, and I loved it.


  2. Rachel, I just love that Ganner scared off the snow. And, my friend, when I heard about you loss I thought “WWMD?” Well, Mummy would have written a note

    You’ll love this bread, and tho’ I know you’re a teetotaller, try a sip of white wine with the bread. It’s a superb pairing.

  3. kim shook

    Can’t wait to try that bread, Maggie. I agree with everything you said about the book. It is the kind that makes you want to do one of those carzy “Cook Through” projects. Think there would be any market for a “Dorie and Kim” movie?

  4. Alex

    I made this very bread a couple of days ago, using fresh chives and cave-aged Gruyère. Lovely stuff. After two days’ aging, it’s now a bit dry, but the toaster + a little unsalted butter does the trick. Tomorrow, for the last of it, I might try some savory French toast.

    Yesterday I made her apple cake (recipe on Amazon, for those w/o the book). Absolutely wonderful, and not too sweet. Ate it warm, with a dusting of cinnamon on top and lightly whipped cream on the side.

  5. Alex, we’ve made that apple cake a couple of times! It’s Lou’s new favorite thing.

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