Apron of the Day: Gimme Liberty or Give me Death

I spend enough time and thought on my aprons that I’ve noticed I’ve begun to give them names. When I was working on my most recent commission (leopard skin on one side, skulls and crossbones on the reverse) I named it “Skin and Bones.”

When a Liberty of London floral is backed with tattoo skulls and roses, what else to call it but “Gimme Liberty or Give me Death?”

The House of Magz Rags own Zoolander is back on the runway, which today is close to the driveway.

Here’s Liberty:











I figured: Why not a few more flowers? Here’s a closeup of the fabric and and pocket trim:








The Dark Side:











The pocket trim here is suitably funereal — a touch of jumbo black rick rack.









This is the kickoff of the 2011 Apron Season! (Any of these are, um, available for sale.) I’d love it if you come up with your own names and post them — hey, if they’re better than mine, I’ll change the tag.





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2 responses to “Apron of the Day: Gimme Liberty or Give me Death

  1. Bev

    I don’t think there are better names than the ones you gave them. Good to see the aprons and your hubby again!

  2. kim shook

    Fantastic! Perfect for a wedding shower gift.

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