Valentine’s Day: Julia Knows her Cheap and Cheerful

It was a sweet, swell Valentine’s day, here in our sisterly site in the Great White North. Cards were served up at the breakfast table , with pretty little caskets of candy from Daddy and Megan. I didn’t give sweets, I gave meat in the form of a filet mignon/Duchesse Potatoes dinner for my peeps. (Note to anonymous suitors: to make me swoon hold the candy and FexEx me some animal protein from Niman Ranch.)

I received a huge bunch of flowers  from my faraway guy, so sunny on a grey February day:

And the mantle was all family hugs and kisses — the origami hearts had been our dinner place cards.


















But wouldn’t you know it: My sister Julia, , the Sultana of Sweet, the Contessa of Cheerful, the Keeper of All Holidays (she was asking about Easter on February 15th,)  put the VaVoom into Valentine’s Day. With some pilfered printer paper, paint, crayons and scissors, she’s been beavering away in her bedroom since Jan. 2.

I got three cards from her: (double click to enlarge.)






And here’s an example of  but one flat surface  she hearted:







Every table — at last count seventeen on the first floor — was tiled with hundreds of hearts, some painted, some in crayon, she’d cut and colored over the last month. Abondanzza is a wonderful thing.

I don’t want to hear any twaddle about St. Valentine’s being a greeting card holiday: it was around long before Hallmark, unlike, say, Sweetest Day. (That is a Hallmark holiday.)And Julia proved yet again that  holiday fun is mandatory, cheap and cheerful — all you need is love.



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5 responses to “Valentine’s Day: Julia Knows her Cheap and Cheerful

  1. sparrowgrass

    Ask Julia if she will be my sister, too! I didn’t even get one valentine. 😦

  2. Debra, you deserve dozens! Consider mine shared — Julia would love a new friend to shower with hearts. (You and Julie would be bffs in minutes.)

  3. How very dear and endearing! To have the house awash in loving hearts is one of the blessings of life.

    I had the loveliest eye-to-eye conversation with a tiny boy at the doctor’s office yesterday, and I envision his sweet, loving heart as creating dozens and hundreds of these precious Valentines for his own family over the years.

    Stay well and warm as the love in that house!


  4. kim shook

    Well, Muff, I think that even Lou-less, your Valentine’s day was filled to the brim with sweet expressions. Whole hearted love is everything. Some young men in Mike’s office were asking him (the old married guy) if they had to buy a card since they were taking their wives to dinner. He didn’t even know how to answer them. Grudging cards are not loving.

  5. Kim: see, that’s what I’m talking about! I can understand why your Mike was befuddled. V Day has become some kind of contest with expectations, not a gentle old holiday. Bah humbug, marketeers!

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