Real Estate, Relations, and a Few Favorite Things

The Domestic Goddess said “Hah!”

The crochet injury I was so cavalier about in my last post brought down Her wrath. My elbow’s no better, and at I have a sprained left thumb from buttoning my jeans left-handed. Not that I’m going to put the elbow on you for donations to my newly organized Foundation for Victims of Double Crochet — I’m asking in advance for permission for a post heavy on the pix and light on the captions. Typing hurts like an SOB.

I love the street where I’m living temporarily. Every house is different, every house is freaking huge (except ours) and I never tire of acting the rube rubbernecker, trying to imagine living in a late 19th century/three full storeys/serious square footage pile.








The pillars are too tall and skinny but I love it anyway.








The windows from the copper dome down are curved glass — replacements must be pricey. Yikes.








That evergreen on the left is six storeys tall.

Last week was one of those amazing Facebook family reunions . My cousin  Charlotte and I haven’t seen each other since we wore bellbottoms and walked the sands at Sauble Beach, Ontario. (Respect was number one that summer.) She, a daughter of Wooster Ohio, married a Canadian. I, a Canadian, married an American — we switched countries. In a fab act of familial generosity she offered to drive five hours with her husband Gordon to , well, catch up. Man, did we catch up!  A couple of glasses of bubbly and we were pouring over old family pictures  and climbing the branches of the Moss/Simpson family tree. We sat over the dinner table (Ina Garten’s Company Pot Roast)then met for lunch the next day.










Although Charlotte’s a year or two younger than I, she’s more closely related to Daddy — he’s her first cousin once  removed, I’m her second cousin.

I nominate this for coolest hostess gift ever: Charlotte and Gordon make their own maple syrup! That’s hard core, my friends. Pictured on the mantle next to an antique cranberry glass pickle jar:










We did a needlework swap — one of my tea towels for four of these adorable knit Easter chicks:








I have really cool cuz. My cousin Kent’s mastery of origami exposes me as the lowly Paper Bum I am:








One last fave thing before I ice my elbow: a Victorian sterling silver Sardine Casket:








Sorry this post’s so scattered, but I wanted to play a bit of catchup. By the way, you don’t need to write your check to the Foundation for the Victims of Double Crochet. Just make it out to me, and I’ll take care of everything.















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5 responses to “Real Estate, Relations, and a Few Favorite Things

  1. Oh, my what a time!!! All that injury, that company, those pillars (which can never be too thin or too ritz) and the general neighborhood—Mr. Rogers should have had such a scene!!

    And you’ve got Mom THUMB!!! I just discovered what that was when I kept having shooting pains up the little doohickey joint in the webbing between both of mine—comes of lifting a thirty-pounder onto and off the potty, etc. There’s a SYNDROME!! Luckily I’ve not had a jeans button since 1986.

    I hope you’re progressing mightily, enjoying the BON homies you’re hangin’ with, loving the company, doing your wonderful leatherstocking highbrow stuff, and laying off the hooking, kid.

    And Miss Ina’s Company Pot roast!!! Brava, brava, bravissima, namaste, do-si-do and double dip!!!

    love and,

    PS I DO believe that sardine casket just MIGHT be exactly like Aunt Lo’s Chesterfield case which sat on the coffeetable with that two-pound clickety lighter big as a lamp. Hers was probably plate.

  2. Charlene

    M….miss you, but you’re also missing the great upcoming snowstorm!!!!
    Are you sure you and Dale are not related???? His Moss( Mother maiden) roots from Missouri and Simpson (Father) from Tennessee or Kentucky.
    Something the same surnames……
    Take care and hope to see you home soon.

  3. Rachel — I’ll post a pic of a sterling early lighter my mother bought at auction — looks like a Victorian molotov cocktail!

    Char: I miss the ‘Ville and hope to be home in a couple of weeks. You’re the genealogist — let’s research the Moss/Simpson connections when I get home.

  4. Hi Mom!

    Glad you had a fun reunion. Maybe one day we can make those chicks!


  5. kim shook

    I will take what Maggie I can get – the fact that you can write a witty, interesting and completely Maggie-esque post in the middle of caring for your dad (and keeping him from all that freaky ironing), having family reunions and dealing with SYNDROMES slays me! And, my dear, no need for you to type: DICTATE! I refuse to believe that someone with your charm can’t convince someone to exec. assist. for you!

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