Fam and Friends and Catchup

Dear buddies, I’ve been a bad bad blogger over the holidays! Sure, I’ll trot out a few (lame) excuses:

  • My son-in-law John was busy launching the new beta version of the the website he and my daughter run, the fab http://gototennis.com. He logged more time at the laptop than most people spend during a work week.
  • Well, it is my father’s computer and we thought it would be fair to let him on for a few minutes a day!
  • My daughter needed to write posts on her blog — hey, she’s had over six million hits and gets first whack — and she has actual advertisers and such to talk to.
  • Shopping, and cooking three meals a day for up to nine people is a time commitment.

I was lazy bumming it.As I ease myself into 2011 — it’s gonna be a life-changing year and I’m tired already — I thought I’d do some holiday catchup — photos and such. I regret that my handsome son-in-law isn’t in the frame because he’s the camera man.

Lou had the brilliant idea to hit Lapointe’s in the Byward Market for a case of a hundred oysters. John was born to shuck oysters — he picked up the skill on the third bivalave. Here’s a pic of my nephew Miles manning up and slurping his first Sunnyside









He wasn’t knocked out by the flave and needed a pull on a Blue, but he did it! We had the full traditional tortiere spread Christmas Eve, and I should have made two pies. No one starved.

Christmas Day arrived with the usual swell haul of prezzies. Honor was the only recipient of a gift in the famous blue box.

Friends, I must Must figure out how to post photos here from my father’s computer. This glitch alone is why I haven’t been posting, but give me time. I’ll figure it out. (You reading, John?) I’m still in Ottawa, trying to square my citizenship in two countries and giving my father, who had hip replacement surgery three weeks ago, a hand.

I have a huge year looming, a life-changing, slogging year. I trust it will all be for the good. I have a daunting list I must achieve in Ottawa, then back to the ‘Ville for the really hard work. It’s only Jan. 4 and I’m tired.

And then there’s the Pudding Project –more anon.

To all of you the  best 2011. Mwah.






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3 responses to “Fam and Friends and Catchup

  1. Tourtiere!! Family!! Slurpings!! (as long as it’s not MEEE).
    And presents and cooking together and all that fun and Christmas up in SNOW country! No wonder you’re tired.
    Best to you and all you love,

    PS Ten points extra if you MADE the pickled beets. Five more if you put in those glumilous little cocktail onions!
    And what’s IN Canada chowchow, anyway?

    PSS There’s no such thing as a bad bad blogger, not in that sense. It’s yours, and do with it what you will, when you will. You were distracted, is all. And busy and delayed and working and way to the back of the line—it’s understandable. No tsk here. Not even a side-eye.

  2. Bev

    It did seem like a long, long time though Rachel !

  3. kim shook

    Yes, we all understand and appreciate any Maggie we get. And, also, yes – it did seem like a long, long time! I missed you and counted the days. And I’m a bit intrigued (and slightly worried, I admit) as to what the life changing slog you have coming up in 2011. Love you, Miss Maggie!

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