Cheap, Cheerful, Paper, Thread and Useless…

… so of course I love it.

It’s a garland made from two inch paper circles, a dab of a glue stick, it’s folded, then sewn. I don’t remember where I got the idea from, but I remember that the prototype was all glue, no thread. Any symmetrical shape works  I’m particularly fond of a 3D Christmas tree I dreamed up, but it must have rolled under a piece of furniture after being batted about by a cat.

The only tiny snag is that the paper needs to be colored on both sides to produce a truly festive object, and because two-sided origami paper is pricey I glued two sheets of foil Christmas wrap together before I cut out the circles.

If the paper’s thin, cut out seven circles — if not, five will do. Fold each in half, then stack them.

This was, in fact, made from duo origami paper. Straighten the stack and sit down in front of the trusty machine, (It was welcoming a change from aprons.)

Sew through all layers along the center fold line. Now comes the magic part. Open each leaf, and arrange them to form a paper globe.

To firm up the globular shape, glue two of the leaves together. Or, what a swell idea for a pop up card — just glue two adjacent leaves to either side of the fold.

What can I say, it’s been a quiet week here in the ‘Ville.



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3 responses to “Cheap, Cheerful, Paper, Thread and Useless…

  1. kim shook

    Charming, Maggie. I like the idea of using Christmas paper. You can sometimes find some really vintage looking new paper for a good price and a garland of the balls would be fantastic. If you unearth the trees, I’d love to see them.

  2. You had me, paper, and glue, right up to SEW.

    I’ll just admire from afar, troubling deaf Heaven with my Craftless Cries.
    Between your machine/origami/allthatotherstuff artistry, and Kim’s decorating and THAT GRAVY, I SWEAR me ‘n’ Charlie Brown are gonna get chilblains from lying on this cold damp ground, lookin’ at clouds.

  3. sparrowgrass

    I am with you on the SEW part, Rachel. Though sewing has become much easier since I bought a new machine, instead of trying to deal with my mom’s old one.

    My new craft project is a dollhouse–I bought an extravagant dollhouse kit at the thrift store. (Price tag on the box said $139–I paid $20 for the kit and some random dollhouse furniture.)

    Someone started the project, and gave up mid-way. Yesterday, I sorted thru the pieces and figured out which ones were missing. (Just a couple, and I think I have a buddy who can make them for me.)

    Lucky for me, Sophia won’t be ready for it for a couple years–I am sure it will take me that l0ng to put it together.

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