Owls and Toiles: Aprons of the Day (And Giveaway)

You didn’t really think I’d let you get away with a week without a post about aprons, did you? I’m showing you two of four I made this week: the other two are Christmas commissions and their recipients just might be on Facebook. You’ll have to wait , breathless, until Boxing Day. I’d love it if the recipients were the models.

“Owls and Toiles” — well, it almost rhymes —  is flat out about how much I love these prints. The “Owls” side has a nice 60s Scandinavian vibe, especially as the cotton has a heavy linen-like texture. (So does the toile.)

Here’s the long tall view, with Friday night martini:

I’ve been just folle about Toile de Jouy since my teen eyes first spotted it. All those eighteenth century French rural scenes, complete with hens, shepherdesses, villages, haystacks, chickens…the toiles give me the same happiness as watching the teeny Chinese fishermen leaning over a bridge on a Blue Willow dinnerplate.

The apron:

Yeah, I like eyelet on pockets.

The second apron I’m showing is very much a departure. My (second) cousin Tarby — her grownup name is Charlotte, but she slips and calls me Muffie sometimes, sent me a shot of an apron sewn from a square of fabric and set like a diamond. I call it “Green and Garlic.” I love this garlicfabric:

The avocado reverse is prettier than it looks it this picture.

I skimped a bit on the fabric — it’s two small for Zoolander. But I kinda love the pointy hem, and I think it’s flattering.

I’m asking for some help road testing this new model. First person to comment will receive it in the mail, from moi,




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4 responses to “Owls and Toiles: Aprons of the Day (And Giveaway)

  1. Hey, Smarty-Bird!!

    You ARE a genius!

  2. Hey, Southern Gal, you are a winner!

  3. kim shook

    Lucky Rachel! And those aprons….gorgeous. I love the garlic fabric and is the toile black on PINK (be still my heart)?

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