Aprons: The Keith Richards and the Missy Monster of the Midway

Did I tell you that my sister-in-law Patty sent me a sampling of her artisinal tags to attach to my aprons? She and my friend Kim both pointed out that when they buy an apron to give as a gift, it would be a bright business idea to include a card that announces my business name — Magz Rags — and, say, an email address should the recipient want to give me  an order. I packed up two aprons today and admired the cards, attached with black ribbon. Then a strange irresistible urge came over me : I picked  up a pencil and wrote the model name on the tags. They were “Lady in Blue” and “Sweeties and Sage.” I’ll be posting pictures after Patty receives them. (Hope you like them, Babe!)

I’ve never made the same apron twice, because it keeps the design process fresh and allows me to indulge my appetite for new cotton prints. (Of course it also allows me to personalize an apron for my Apron Patrons — thank you Patrons!)  Their individuality has always made me nickname them in my head “Birdies and Budweiser, ” say, simply to remind me of my inventory. Henceforth, I’m naming each apron as if it were an expensive handbag, like a Kelly or a Birkin.

These two aprons are made on spec, just for fun and with hopes that the prints would resonate with potential Patrons. I listened to Terri Gross interview Keith Richards yesterday and the fun of that interview reminded me that I had a few yards of rocker cotton. Here’s the Keith Richards apron:

Lou Zoolander doesn’t know who Keith Richards is. Sigh.

Here’s the reverse. I love skulls and roses and I added some rock star glam with my beloved gold rickrack,


The Missy Monster of the Midway needs no explanation from any Chicago Bears Fan. Here’s the Monsters side:

The Bears’ navy and orange color scheme appalls me, but it goes well with the cover of the Scriabin Etudes sitting on the music rack. Here’s the closeup:

The pink calico eyelet Missy side is self explanatory:

(A Bears fan can get a discount on Missy Monsters of the Midway because the pink side  isn’t dark enough to completely block out the Bears aggressive color scheme. But it’s pretty. Let me know.)

My husband just asked “How the hell can you write so much about aprons?” Easy, really. I don’t like cooking without an apron. I like to sew. I love that I’m never, ever making the same apron twice. And sometimes, Dear Husband, someone send me a check.

And now I have the writerly, frivolous fun of naming each of my “batter-proof, butter-proof” babies.




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8 responses to “Aprons: The Keith Richards and the Missy Monster of the Midway

  1. Oh, please tell me those are stacks of music above, and LPs at LouZoo’s right hand in the first picture!

    I also love that your photos go “click” and get bigger, then a second “clicka” gives readable book titles. I’m such a voyeur, but only toward the written word—I like to see if we have any books or music in common, and what’s your taste in Lit or Tune.

    ‘Fraid none of these are my style, but OH, I know the workmanship and the perfection.

    Photo and show a tag sometime, please?

    • Of course there are stacks of LPs and books — that’s who we are! I’m glad you can see our messy library too.

      Nah, neither of those aprons is Miz Rachel style, but one of my failings or virtues, is that I love everything. My silly flutterby mind.

  2. Oh: I intend to spend a whole post about Patty’s tags. Just have to cue up the scanner.

  3. I wonder does Lou know how rock and roll it is to not know what he professes to not know.

    Very. Is the answer.

    An excellent run of aprons. It’s the sports references that are outside my purview… we all have our purviews, eh?

    Beautiful work, M. And I believe I was in on the officiously suggesting self-aggrandizing labels since early dayz. Unless it was just in my liminal state. Happens.

    ANYway, 8,000% in favor.

    • Awwww, Priscilla. Merci. Lou knows and loves early keyboard giants like Jerry Lee Lewis, and Little Richard. But because he’s, like, ten years older than we and didn’t fritter his teens away on sex, drugs and rock and roll, instead immersing himself in Chopin and Scarlatti, even the Stones puzzle him. Outta his purview.

      I’m encouraged by your 8000 per cent.

  4. Patty

    I am glad to see that piano open again. I truly hope he loved immersing himself in Chopin, most of us did fritter away our teens in not much of anything.
    And well, if there are no other takers maybe I will take that Missy Monster of the Midway. I happen to know the 2nd biggest fan of the Bears, he may not be a cook, but is a grillmaster and a big help in the kitchen. (My John is the #1, most passionate fan bar none, perhaps much to his health detriment since they are a pack of losers most of the time, and I just cannot afford to buy every single apron I love.)

  5. Kim Shook

    Just gorgeous. I especially love the Keith. And the Lou!

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