Walk, Talk and Party Like an Egyptian

We’re home at last after alarums and excursions with Homeland Security and my green card. That’s another story, long and expensive: I’ve so much to recount about our Ottawa visit that I’ve decided to work backwards from our stay in Toronto last night with my cousin Cort, his fabulous partner Susan, and his daughter, my first cousin once removed 7th grade  Lauren Margaret.

Cort is some kinda gee whiz financial guy in Toronto, Susan is a brilliant interior designer, and Lauren is a pretty, sharp kid. We stayed at their house in TO last night on the homeward drive, and that house on Glen Drive should be in Relais et Chateaux. Susan designed it, and Cort made his cooking bones in college as a line cook at The Keg. His poussins rolled, his wine cellar rocked, and much, much fam business transpired which I won’t relate, because….you know.

Cort and Susan throw a big Halloween party every couple of years, with a theme. It’s King Tut this year. Cort has made a papier mache masterpiece — yeah, Cort and I have a lot in common beyond a passion for food and wine. Check this out:

Can you freakin’ believe this masterpiece, crafted from wine boxes, newsprint, a cheap mask and some paint? Or this mask, from a  a balaklava and some papier mache?

(Note Viking six-burner in the background.)

We were having so much fun that I forgot to take pix of the poussins. But a big cousinly thank you to Cort and Susan for last night, and I have much more to report.

(Can you believe that sarcophagus?!!!!!)



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5 responses to “Walk, Talk and Party Like an Egyptian

  1. Bev

    Looking forward to it!! I tiredly read Baklava and was staring at the mask for an embarassingly long time before I re-read the post…yikes..good-night!

  2. Kim McKellar

    When did Lauren grow up? How did I miss that?

  3. Now, that’s Double-Dog-Dare-ya FINE!!

    MORE!! MORE!

  4. kim shook

    Yay!!!!! Miss Maggie’s back. Poorer, but wiser (sorry). I’m reading in order and can’t wait to hear all your doin’s.

    Tut is AWESOME! I see that food and craftiness run in the family! Welcome home – you were much missed!

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