Daddy’s ‘Hood: A Walking Tour

After two days on the road it felt good to stretch our legs and walk a few blocks in my father’s Ottawa neighborhood, aka The Glebe. My mother used to say she had the worst house on the best street in Ottawa. The family home is large and modern which sets it apart from the other houses on Clemow Avenue. They’re old and fricking enormous. Gigantic. I snapped some shots so that you can get a feel for the atmosphere.

The Lebanese Embassy (see the teeny cedar of Lebanon above the door?) is a few houses down. It’s mid-sized for this street.

The Cameroon Embassy is across the street.

Here are some random maisons in the two block hike to the commercial street, rue Bank.

The architectural style is Edwardian Robber Baron.

Here’s Daddy’s parish church, St. Matthew’s Anglican. It’s larger than St. James, the Episcopal cathedral in Chicago.

I spotted this on a telephone pole. Carlos seems to  be having second thoughts.

This fine store received my mother’s custom. Lou renamed it Big Bucklands.

All squirrels in these parts are black.

Thank God there’s a handy frite wagon a few blocks down Bank Street!

Le menu. I’ll get my poutine fix before we go home.

I love NiCastro’s, an Italian specialty food shop. The cheese counter is flat-out fab.

It’s almost dinnertime, so I should offer to help my sister Megan. One of the wonderful things about this stay chez Daddy is seeing — and tasting — how good a cook she’s become. Everyone: “Yay, Meg!”



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8 responses to “Daddy’s ‘Hood: A Walking Tour

  1. Lloyd

    And did you attend evensong at St Matthew last evening?

    Larger than St James? That asked, St Mark here in Seattle is larger than St James…

    Best to both of you on your travels and to the 3 Ottawans as well.


  2. Gretchen

    I liked seeing all the buildings and the architecture, the churches etc. It is all lovely, but I find myself going back to the squirrel. I have never seen a black squirrel. I really truly think he is adorable!

  3. Bill S

    Thanks for the walk! I remember the street name but, of course, have never been there. Maybe someday…

  4. PeterG

    I’m fond of that neighborhood. Before Architecture School I did many house inspections in The Glebe and surrounding area. Some of those unrenovated cellars still have amazing rubble foundations that gush when it rains and revert to bone dryness in a few hours.

    NiCastro’s looks good. I usually get schwarma on Bank Street.

  5. And did you skate flying past the waving flags-of-other-countries, and stop to feed the squirrels, as you lived your youngest life in that lovely place?

    I do SO love to see the roots and foundations of the people I’ve come to know and care about, and yours have so much interest. All the business of nations and the exuberance of childhood, wound in one skein of streets, knitting up the YOU.

    And I applaud your Meg for all her culinary talents—there’s such love and care in cooking for a family, and so much of remembrance of the family table.

    I’ve thought of you, late in the days, all sitting around that beautiful dining table, with wine bottles glinting in the light, and all the memories of your common ground and the news of your branchings circulating through the room.

    I know you’re having a wonderful visit.

  6. Kim Shook

    Yay! You took us with you! Gorgeous architecture, adorable black squirrels, cheese shops, POUTINE!!! I am swooning. How did you ever make yourself leave?? Have a wonderful visit – enjoy all of the family time and Meg’s good cooking!

  7. Patty

    Give our best to Julie, Megan and Father Ian. Have a wonderful trip. Thanks for sharing your neighborhood walk with photos for us, do take one of your own home too.
    A frite wagon, I love it, hope you stopped. Is that where Lou got his taste for fries?

  8. I miss Ottawa! It’s lucky enough to be home to my best friend in the world. There’s an ice cream shop there, somewhere – in a butchers? That does an Elvis Presley-inspired peanut butter sandwich ice cream. Good times.

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