Apron of the Day: For Katie

My niece Katherine is a Babe, a mother of four, lives in Fort Collins , and is a one smart woman. I was touched that she asked her Aunt Margaret to make a Christmas present apron for her mother-in-law,  I admired her fabric suggestions, and I sourced them.. One side: a vintage fabric depicting children, the reverse a sage green/gold print to harmonize with her MIL’s kitchen. She’s received it and given it the thumbs up so I’ll post the picture — it was before Zoolander got a haircut.

The reverse:

While uploading the snaps, I realized that my full frontal shots of Lou modelling the apron were crap beyond the means of Picassa to improve.  But I’m happy that Katie (like me, the eldest of our generational  cousinly federation) liked the apron. She has an eye, she knows what she wants, and I wish she didn’t live so far away.



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2 responses to “Apron of the Day: For Katie

  1. Oh, the children-fabric!!! Those fantasy-worlds where they were always perfectly dressed and smiling, and Mommy and Daddy beamed upon them.

    I found an immense edition of the Dick and Jane “readers” of my own first grade for Our Girl, and despite already having read what today’s kids call “chapter books” after learning to read at four, I somehow remember the books’ being much more inviting and interesting.

    These things have absolutely NO PLOT.

    They Look and See, and sometimes GO, but that about wraps it up. Even just-turned-three Sweetpea prefers ANYTHING else.

    The other mystery is that we were forbidden to “read ahead” of the day’s lessons. What on earth denoument or climax were they hoping to preserve? Sheesh.

    Sorry. Just grumpy from seeing a bubble pop.

    And the aprons are spifferamerous!!!

  2. Kim Shook

    I love that fabric, too! The chubby cheeks, the giant cake slices, striped straws, the flouncy skirts! Delicious, Miss Maggie!

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