Cheap Cheerful Object of the Day: The Smiley Japanese Terry Sponge

Honor gave Lou a grab-bag Father’s Day present — the result , I suspect, of a swing through LA’s Little Tokyo. ( Don’t get me started about shopping in Little Tokyo: there’s so much beautiful, weird, arty, functional, cool Japanese design and cheap cheerful junk that I could max out my bank account in two hours.)

The Father’s Day prezzies included a scary long poker called an “ear pick,” and a set of molds to transform a hard boiled egg into a fish-shaped hard boiled egg. But here’s my fave:

It’s an oval sponge enrobed in high quality terry cloth. It’s soft, it’s silly, it’s swell  — a white terry cloth enrobed and embroidered sponge with a generic cute animal face. I can’t tell you how much I love it. God help me, I’ve scrutinized its construction, and I know I could make one myself, with an even cuter face. Hmm — how about a piggy sponge from pink terrycloth with ears? Likewise, a sheep version. Or a bee!

Dear Readers, I’ll take the pledge right now, right here: I will not go down this road. You’ll not see me posting snaps of goldfish sponges, breast-like sponges, kitty-cat sponges, Betty Boop sponges. That I can rattle off so many sponge design schemes in five seconds scares me: you just know I want to while away a couple of weeks with some embroidery floss. Nope. No way.

I’ll stick to my aprons. But God love you, all you Japanese peeps with such kawaii brilliance.



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2 responses to “Cheap Cheerful Object of the Day: The Smiley Japanese Terry Sponge

  1. AWWWW, have at it, Maggie!! You know you want to, and there’s no stifling genius.

    I love the little fellow. If Gildersleeve came back as a bath toy . . .

  2. Val Erde

    I wonder what this terry-towelling robed sponge does during the night when everyone’s asleep. This is the thing – these normally inanimate objects have a life of their own. I know, because I own a teddy bear and pink mouse toy that party and get drunk in the wardrobe. So – beware, if you succumb and do make those things… the house could be full of partying sponges!

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