Site of the Day: Hyperbole and a Half

Your bloggiste has a headache, a deadline and a noisy cat who just can’t believe that I refuse to open a fourth can of cat food tonight — that would be two over his dinnertime average. He’s pushing my left elbow with his head as I type, because that usually bends me to his will.  Oh, go eat your Iams kibble!Yeah, him, Ajax.

This is a plea for patience,Dear Reader, a whining roundabout suckup and apology for not writing a proper blog post tonight. But I’ll point you towards a site that’ll entertain you more than I ever could.

You see, when I’m on Facebook, and someone I respect  “likes” something, I’ll check it out. Thank you, John Nguyen, for turning me on to It’s been around for awhile, but I didn’t meet up with Allie and her crazy art, skewed world view, and mad funny writing until yesterday afternoon. Yes, I could have written my column and two blog posts, expanded my apron empire and cleaned the powder room in the time I spent giggling.

It was worth it. Thanks John! Now I’m gonna let the Advil kick in.




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8 responses to “Site of the Day: Hyperbole and a Half

  1. Paul

    Another way to kill time – thanks, I think.

  2. Very clever—I signed the FOLLOW register, so it will come to my box every day.

    Hope your headache is gone now—is it martinis for migraines, or starve a gimlet? I always forget.

    Feel better, Sweetpea, and sweet sleep to you.

  3. Alex

    1 to 2 million hits a month and you and I didn’t know about this? I don’t know what to say, except…

    What a great find! Thanks, Margaret and John. I love “A Better Pain Scale” and “Sneaky Hate Spiral” (the source of your sample panel).

  4. Kim Shook

    Ah, Miss Maggie – hope the headache ebbs and that everything else gets resolved. Feeling your pain about improper blogging (though I don’t think that YOU have a thing to apologize about) – see my post at Fresh Hell later! And the cat!!! My grandkitty, Jonah has been walking to and fro across the screen incessantly! I think I’ve smoked an extra half pack just trying to get him to avoid the computer table!

    And that website? Oh, goodness, I am anticipating wasting all KINDS of time there! I love the illustrations.

  5. Val Erde

    My comment is hopefully arriving longggggg after your headache has departed, so hope you’re okay now. If not – and anyway for the one you had before – HUGS!

    And – thanks for the link to this site, it’s fab!! I got stuck there and shall return for more later. The post I surfed in to had 916 comments!! That’s… that’s… what I call popular. (I’d do a gobsmacked smiley here, but don’t know how to).

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