Apron of the Day: The Long, the Short and The Yin/Yang

Today I received the fabric  that will allow me to forge ahead on a few aprons commissions, which is terrific fun. My friend Kim was kind enough to send me snaps of one I made for her as a gift to a pair of newlyweds. He preferred the “girl” side — Asian tattooes, skulls, and gold rickrack. The lovely bride preferred the “guy” side — wheels. I think they’re both terrific models.

But just because I didn’t have the goods to start aprons I know I’ll get paid for didn’t mean I slacked off. Here are two holiday numbers I made for stock:

Here’s the green side of an apron that’s Christmassy but not tied to the holiday via reindeer or snowmen. This is a William Morris print — the gold touches didn’t show up well in the photo:

(I’m trying to corner the market in gold metallic rickrack.)

The red side you’re familiar with, in the last of the Christmas Roses fabric:

I decided to go trad with this one, identical to the first apron I ever made in Home Ec class.

A buddy said that I should mention that my aprons are for sale. Let me know if one interests you!



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3 responses to “Apron of the Day: The Long, the Short and The Yin/Yang

  1. Lloyd

    And Lou in a non-grey or black shirt?!?

  2. kim shook

    They were really thrilled with the apron, Maggie. And to let everyone know, the workmanship was perfect. So good that I ordered 3 MORE!!

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