Apron of the Day: Labor Day Edition

It’s been a languid Labor Day Weekend — lots of tennis, a big pot of chile last night. Eggplant parmesan is on the menu for tonight.

I miss family bad over holiday weekends; what’s a holiday weekend without making potato salad for eighteen?  If not for US Open doing the traditional  holiday marathon coverage it would have felt like any old fin de semaine.  I missed my daughter especially, because I was reminded of all those tween years when we watched her heartthrob Pete Sampras thunder ace after ace.  But nostalgia can sometimes be a drag on cheerful, so I’m not going down that road.

I slept too late, spent too much time on the couch watching tennis and flipping through the Sunday Times. But I retain some apron discipline: between sets or after midnight I sewed two aprons. One is a commission and a Christmas present, so I can’t show it yet. I’m waiting foe a delivery of custom chosen fabrics for other special orders, so I went back to the holidays theme: something autumnal,a  Thanksgivingy print on one side, a Christmas print on the other.

You have to see the fabric closeup — it’s called “Christmas Rose” — just a cotton print but with a glam golden background.

The autumn side:

I love the leaves:

This is just catch up, friends. I promise a more substantive post soon.



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6 responses to “Apron of the Day: Labor Day Edition

  1. Considering your interest in tennis and your canny way wi’ a needle, I hereby nominate YOU to take over Venus’ costume construction.

    Yesterday’s wasn’t just garish—it was a TUG-o’ War.

  2. Patty

    I so agree with Racheld on Venus’ outfit.
    And I love the latest apron…you might have to post your custom fabrics for your clients, each one gets better!

  3. Patty

    …and I get to see my brother in photos more often than ever, all a plus for the arpon of the day extra!

  4. Ladies, you’re both too kind. I love Venus’s on-court fashion-forward style, even when I may not totally be ga-ga over a particular dress.

    Patty, I’d love to post pictures of fabric swatches. because the personalization thing is the fun part. Unfortunately I’d need some start-up cash , because I can buy only smallish yardage at a time. But seriously, that’s a very good idea, and I’m gonna think about it.

  5. kim shook

    Can you get them to give you decent sized swatches? You are obviously a good customer and the more aprons you make, the more material you will buy. Talk to the manager and maybe you can work something out. Or, for fabrics that you may order online, they may allow you to link to their online samples.

    I am seeing another website in your future, Miss Maggie! Aprons from the ‘Ville!

    Love, Love, LOVE the Christmas roses!

  6. Aprons From the ‘Ville! Love it, Kim!

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