Apron of the Day: Chickens and Pumpkins

This was a commission, and I’m posting these pictures today, although they were taken a few days ago, because I can’t post a spoilier on an apron commission until my patron has received it. I made it for my eGullet buddy sparrowgrass, who gardens and keeps chickens — she once sent me a dozen of her hen’s eggs and they are the Platonic Ideal of eggs.

Not a great snap, but it’s Lou at his most winsome. The fabric: I wish I’d bought more. I love it.The reverse is about autumn veg:

The fabric:



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6 responses to “Apron of the Day: Chickens and Pumpkins

  1. Maggie sent me an apron last year, and I’m not the Platonic Ideal of anything.

  2. sparrowgrass

    And neither am I, but my chickens apparently are. Since Winsome Lou has already modeled my apron, I won’t have to take a picture of me in it!!

  3. Kim Shook

    Oooh, Maggie, the chickens gave me an idea for another apron I want. Could you find roosters? My stepmom collects rooster stuff and my dad is a golf nut. I’m thinking that would make a good Christmas gift. Also – might you be able to find teapot fabric? If so, I’d love a teapot side/golf side one for my in laws. Step-MIL collects teapots. Regular MIL collects hot air balloon stuff and loves clowns. If you could find both of those fabrics, I’d love a two sided one with those, too.

    That’s 3 aprons. I can see that you are going to be my new indulgence!

    • Deb Dear:

      I ordered teapots and roosters — have golf, so we’re all good there. I’ll get to work on hot air balloons and clowns. I am SOOOOO honored!

      • kim shook

        I did send you an email, but I should also have said here that I got the two aprons that I ordered for wedding gifts and they are gorgeous, impeccably tailored, hilarious (in one case) and so, so apt! You can show ’em off here now, girl!

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