Check that Box — The Pull of the Poll

I love taking online polls, and I suspect that most of us do. It’s anonymous, often silly and it’s like throwing the lever back in the days when polling places had levers. I have the Goddess-like ability to add polls to my blog and I’ve used it only once, way back in the day. For practice in using the poll feature I’ve decided to add one tonight — it’s not  Gallup, but it poses questions of pressing importance to me. If you check “Other” please use the Comments section to point out the error of my ways. In fact, natter on about anything.

I have many, many burning questions to put to you, Dear Readers. In fact, why not send me your own burning questions and I’ll include them in another post? In a few days, I’ll do the big reveal and tell you how I voted.



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12 responses to “Check that Box — The Pull of the Poll

  1. *Piano Player – I voted other (Billy Preston or Monk.) Keyboard player would have been Booker T.
    *I also like the South African flag, and Argentinas.
    *With the candidates in Illinoiz this year, I will go to a cocktail party before voting.
    *Potatoes, please include an “all” choice. It was hard to pick.

    • Deano:
      I’m with you with “all” about potatoes– I’ll see if I can edit the poll. Likewise a huge fan of Billy Preston and Booker T, but not Monk.

  2. Heather

    Good questions! I’m with Dean, though, an “all” choice for potatoes would have been good. And cheese doesn’t preclude sweets – it comes after the salad and before the dessert.

    We have No Wal-Mart near us, so that question was unanswerable. I would probably buy some things there if I had the option.

  3. Gretchen

    I had a few “others”.

    Piano man..I like Elton John and Billy Joel.

    Potatoes….not really a fan. Will eat them if you put them in front of me, but would choose pasta over potato any day.

    Dessert…I always say “yes”, as in show me the menu. However, I grow more and more disappointed as many restaurants fail to take dessert seriously anymore. I almost never choose ice cream, but a sorbet, sure. Love chocolate too. and a real cheesecake. or a well made strawberry shortcake. Carrot Cake is yummy too. Do I have to decide? Mmmmmm. I guess I am just a dessert girl.

    • Gretchen — there must be some illicit Italian DNA from a long-ago Latin lover to make a German girl like you to be meh about spuds!

      I agree that restaurants, except at levels we can rarely afford, don’t take the sweet course seriously. I think they all but Eli’s (which is OK) rather than make their own cheesecake. Sad.

  4. Sharon and Clive

    That was fun! These remarks were mostly Clive’s. By the way, he is a sweet potato person. Keep them coming. Also, how do I get one of your aprons? Clive says it is dire that I get one soon. I tend to wear what I am cooking! Love you guys!

    • Nuts! Because I’m not a sweet potato person I left them out, although I think a big microwaved sweet p. is one of the earth’s most satisfying lunches.

      Aprons? Shoot me an email. Love you guys too,

  5. Alex

    Piano man = Art Tatum. No one else comes close. To anyone reading this: If you don’t know who he is, seek out some of his recordings ASAP.

    • Alex — I left out Art from my list because I had to narrow it down. But I agree, he was a genius.

    • Gretchen

      Never heard of him…but will seek him out today. Thanks!

      • Alex

        That’s great. You’re in for a treat. There’s a good Wikipedia entry about him if you’re interested in learning some background information.

        My other favorite non-classical pianist is Bill Evans. If you like piano jazz (and it looks like you do), look for his trio recordings on the Riverside label. They’re revelatory.

  6. Kim Shook

    I said that Wal-mart was the store from hell, but I confess that I shop there. I am on the Target boycott bandwagon and it’s KILLING me.

    I picked Jerry Lee – not because he’s the best, but because I can’t NOT move when I hear him.

    All potatoes would be me, too. But I picked poutine because, though I only had it once – and in NEW YORK CITY for that matter – I still DREAM about it.

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