Apron of the (Very Busy) Day

Even though I’ve been unemployed for too long, for reasons unknown my Mondays have continued to feel as they did when I was working: grim days when I lack motivation, energy and productivity. All this, though I get two more hours of sleep a night than I did in the dear old days of health insurance. Today I decided it was gonna be different.

Although I got up at the hour you working stiffs are taking your morning break, it took three cups of coffee (grazie, Lloyd caro) to emerge from the Monday morning fog. My eyes hurt — another story — but I sat down to write my biweekly article for the Village Chronicles, and because today’s the first comfortable day in weeks, mercury-wise, my thoughts turned towards baking. Specifically to the Dutch confection Boterkoek, aka Butter Cake. It’s simple and ambrosial, and if you aren’t taking statins now, you will be after a slice of this simple, moan-inducing slab of bliss. (Recipe tk on Friday at villagechronicles.net.) It was the research that took the time. I knew the recipe was in a tattered copy of The Pleasures of Cooking, the greatest food magazine ever conceived. If you’re interested in” The P of C” I wrote about it here: http://margaretmcarthur.com/pages/carl.html.

I conned the table of contents of every cooking magazine we’ve ever saved and after half an hour I was approaching despair. Yep, I found the recipe in the very last issue of that enormous stack. Then I did a little on-line research about the Boterkoek and sat down to write my piece. As a food writer I’m not a recipe gal, but this literary version of what’s called by sleb chefs “a stand and stir” show is what my publisher wants. But writing is writing and, mes amis, it’s not always easy.

A couple of kind relatives and friends have expressed interest in my aprons which has made me furiously to think about marketing, maybe even making some money from my needlework. (By the way, if an apron strikes your fancy for you, or as a gift, shoot me an email. Until my business plan is in place I’ll provide friends and fam pricing and free shipping.) But to start a biz you need inventory, and that’s what I’m slaving over. Today’s yin/yang apron:

My supermodel wasn’t inclined to have his epidermis destroyed by the mosquitoes in the garden, so here he is in the living room. (And yes, this is as tidy as my parlor gets.) We call him the Atheist Mennonite: he wears dark , long-sleeved clothing year round. He has never worn a pair of shorts in his life and never will.

Detail of the daisy fabric and the jumbo rickrack trim.

The Guy side:

Detail of the fab wheels:

I recieved my shipment from fabric.com and cut out two more aprons, one yin/yang, one Autumn Festivals/Christmas. Gotta get inventory.

I promise to forsake aprons for awhile, my readers. This was never meant to be an apron blog. In fact I think I have an idea for tomorrow — the mighty Rodeo Burger.




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5 responses to “Apron of the (Very Busy) Day

  1. I’ve been having a peek into your paper, and it’s always a treat to get a double dose of your wit and charm.

    Chris passed just as I enlarged the pink-apron picture, and I said it was your Dear Hubby; he said he had the look of a wonderful cowboy, and that dear Louis L’A would have loved him.

    We made the boterkoek several years ago, from Klary’s post in eG, and it was RICH.

  2. sparrowgrass

    Miss Maggie–I am so sorry to say that I had misplaced the bookmark for this site, so I have spent the morning reading old posts.

    What’s the deal on the aprons? I am one of the few humans around who wears an apron with regularity, and would be interested in one of yours, if they don’t exceed the salary of a poor university peon.

    I love hot peppers, gardening, dogs, swimming, trees–got any fabric like that? (Not all of them at once, of course.)

  3. sparrowgrass

    OH–and chickens, of course!! And I need a big pocket on the front, for stray eggs and tomatoes and seeds and such.

  4. Kim Shook

    Love the article, the apron and LOU! Check your email for a commission from me.

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