Apron of the Day and Couple of Good Deals

I spent more time than strictly necessary on this apron. You see, I had a pad of graph paper on the coffee table, a soft pencil, and a glass of cold tonic water handy. (Plain tonic water I drink like soda because it’s refreshing but not sweet, like ginger ale. True, it’s improved by gin, but not at 10:30 am.) I doodled around, blocking out cross stitch patterns for the heck of it, and discovered i’d come up with a heart. Then I realized I had some red gingham lurking around and decided to trim an apron pocket with some embroidery.

Here’s the Girl Side. The smaller hearts aren’t cross stitch, they’re composed of what I call Union Jack Stitch, because the of the vertical and diagonal crosses. I cut a larger heart pattern from a folded piece of paper — remember making Valentines in grade two? –and worked it with straight stitch and cross stitch.

I think it’s value added and the process had the advantage of calming any cross stitch jones indefinitely.

Here’s the masculine reverse — yes it’s a yin/yang modello.

Perhaps my all-time fave masculine print: beer, barley and bottle caps.

In the three minutes it took to dress my model, do his hair and makeup, and shoot, I was on the wrong end of eight mosquito fannies. With all the rain and  heat of the last week it’s tough to walk to the mailbox or pull a few weeds, even early in the day. In my thirty-odd years in Chicagoland I’ve never felt the fury of the mosquito as I have this week. Last night I fantasized about mosquito netting, like some Somerset Maugham heroine.

I bought a few yards from http://fabric.com a couple of years ago and they attack my inbox weekly. If you’re as addicted to fabric as I am, I can recommend them. Free shipping over $35, and who in our sisterhood has ever spent less than $35? A tremendous selection, and  between now and August 16th, they’re taking off an additional 30% off their sale cotton prints.

While I was finishing  topstitching  the apron, Lou was out hunting and gathering for dinner. I’ve said forever that I find the freshest, cheapest food in stores where the rest of the shoppers look nothing like me. Lou headed  a few miles up the road to the  Carnicerias Jimenez, and here’s a copy of the receipt:

That 4.83 is for two and a half pounds of  USDA Choice skirt steak. That translates to five meals for two people –you’ll deduce from the receipt that we’re cooking fajitas tonight. But I love my skirt steak so many other ways (like a Berghoff Beef Salad) that the flat strip of beef will be transmogrified into Beef Dishes From Around the World.

Cheap. And mucho cheerful.



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3 responses to “Apron of the Day and Couple of Good Deals

  1. Patty

    I absolutely LOVE this apron, and of course the model goes without saying.

    But the more I read about (and taste the delicious results) from your fresh, inexpensive groceries, it would be great to have a book of menus, recipes, and costs. I know the ones in print already do not compare to what you two could do. I know I’m only one of many that think so.

  2. Thanks, Patty — I’m pleased at how this apron turned out too.

    Hmmmm. I’m flattered by your faith in me. I also like the idea of menus as well as recipes. Let me think…

  3. kim shook

    Oh, yes! I’d buy that book!

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