Site of the Day:The History Chef

If you’ve followed my food writing around for awhile, you know I’m a food history geek. Go the the History section at to see how deeply psyched I am at   this part of the food world.

I’m thrilled to introduce you to The History Chef at The blogger is Suzie Evans, JD, Phd, mother, and her goal “is to help parents and kids learn how to cook together, learn about history together, and hopefully help them create many great memories and meals together.”

It’s a gorgeous site, a thoughtful site, and who  could resist the most recent post:

Chicken Tarragon, Chicken Divan, and the Mysterious Origins of Country Captain Chicken

Jane Grigson’s “Food With the Famous” is in my Top Ten cookbook rotation. I adored Laura Shapiro’s “Perfection Salad.” I swooned at Joanne Clevenger’s Thomas Jefferson Menu at Upperline in New Orleans. Suzie Evans’s take on food and history — with recipes!–  will work its way into your kitchen and your family’s  history lessons.

It’s a gorgeous, intelligent treat.

As I said, with recipes.



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3 responses to “Site of the Day:The History Chef

  1. Just the pictures alone are enough. They are reminiscent of Karen’s What I Talk About posts (remember dear Carrottop?).

    I’ll delve further into THC, and hope to find that the “Perfection Salad” is NOT the one I remember from the 70’s—Jello with shredded vegetables.

    Thank you for the link—looks WAY cool.

  2. kim shook

    I love the site – I’ve bookmarked it and could spend hours reading her posts. I really enjoy food history lit. Perfection Salad was wonderful. It’s somewhere in this house. I need to dig it out and reread it.

    • I think my copy of “Perfection Salad” is in the upper right hand corner of the bedroom bookcase. I’m gonna hunt it down and reread it too, Kim.

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