Today’s Mailbox and a Fabulous Woman

“Have you checked the mail?” It’s a question that gets asked at least five times a week, and mostly the answer’s “Yes.”

“Anything good?”

“Nah, some flyers and the gas bill.”

Thank God we can count on The New Yorker.

But then there are the great mail days,when something special’s tucked in with dross and the tire store ads. A card, or maybe a clipping from someone who knows me and wants to share an interest via the mailman rather than a link.  Then there’s the unexpected gift — the shortest way to make me feel as if’ it’s my birthday, no matter what month it arrives. I’m always dazzled and grateful to the generous friend who knows I love surprises, and has made the trek to the post office or UPS, bought the padded envelope, and maybe even filled out a customs sticker.

Today I hit the trifecta: a card, a clipping and a present, all tucked into a tiny padded envelope that bore, yes, a customs sticker. My cousin Kim McKellar turned a meh kind of Tuesday into a once-a-year day. I’ve spoken about her here on my post “The Art of the Carte. ”

Kim’s an award winning writer, a designer, an ordained minister, a singer, an ex-model, a great mother and a loving partner.  Kim’s a glass artist her work astounds me — there’s my little cuz with her own kiln, firing pieces of beauty and originality.She’s closer in age to my daughter than she is to me, and they’re great friends too.

This week her non-artistic project is trapping a bear who broke into her kitchen last week at one am, then made his escape. (She’ll release it of course –she’s a minister, after all!)

Here’s the most recent snap I own, taken in LA at my daughter’s rehearsal dinner:

And here’s today’s loot:
I love the jr. feminist.

The clipping came from the Toronto Globe and Mail , about the resurgence of, what else, The Apron!

Tucked away into a black velvet bag was a piece of her glass jewelry — a pendant so stunning I don’t know when I can bear to take it off.

And Kim, if you’re reading this, you gave me an extra gift today, the art and life of the Canadian painter Prudence Heward, by way of the stamps on the envelope. I spent an hour on line, amazed by Heward’s history and her oeuvre.

Here’s some info about Prudence Heward:

This post is not just a very public mash note/thank you note to Kim. It was a reminder to me that a poky mailbox can be an Aladdin’s Cave on the right day. Tomorrow I’m going to lay in a stash of padded envelopes.


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One response to “Today’s Mailbox and a Fabulous Woman

  1. kim shook

    REAL mail is one of life’s dwindling pleasures and what a trove you got, Maggie! That glass pendant is gorgeous.

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