Apron of the Day and Odds and Ends

Yes, Friends, I went to Sears yesterday and forked out for a new Kenmore sewing machine.I had to: I was feeling as jittery about not having a working machine as I do when I don’t have computer access. It’s nothing fancy — I’ll probably lust as vainly for a Bernina as I do for Rafael Nadal — but, by gum it works! Here’s the result of today’s session at the machine. You’d split a gut if you saw my sewing setup. My dining room table is generous, but not if it’s being shared with 1) The New York Times 2) a man who’s set up for his crossword session, which includes a coffee mug, a coffee carafe,  an ashtray, reading glasses and the remains of a dish of potato salad3)today’s mail 4) a calico cat who likes to help me sew. She entertains herself by trying to slide her paw under the needle when it’s on the up, pulling it out before it nails it to the feed dogs.

I’m no lonely little seamstress toiling away in obscurity in a garret. Nor does my setup resemble the atelier at a great maison de couture! Here’s today’s yin/yang apron.

The Guy side. Here’s a closeup of the Guy fabric:

The Girl side, followed by a closeup of the very pink bonbon fabric:

Cheerful, yes?

I listened to “All Things Considered” on NPR as I stitched and pressed and tried to find a clear square foot on the table. I was sad, not cheerful, when I heard that the great journalist Daniel Schorr died today. I swear I heard him two weeks ago being smart about something. Ninety three is a fine quiverful of annual arrows, and he did live quite the life. He was justly proud of being on Nixon’s Enemies List.

Cheer returned within ten minutes. Helen Simonson (whose very modern and very touching Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand I read last week) was speaking on the Guilty Pleasures segment. You heard it here first: https://cheapcheer.wordpress.com/2010/07/17/the-grand-georgette-heyer/

Here’s her take on the Grand Georgette Heyer:


I’m not going to tell you much about  Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand except that it’s about choices, easy and hard, in modern multicultural Britain. Simonson can write.

So hie thee to the library. I’m going to hie me to a martini.


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8 responses to “Apron of the Day and Odds and Ends

  1. I’m hieing (that’s correct—I looked it up, cause it looked so Old MacDonald) to Borders for some Georgette tomorrow ayem.

    We plan to take the barouche, so pray you that it does not rain.

  2. My Lady Dulsey:
    You’ll be ok with the barouche if it comes on to rain, because I think they have collapsible roofs. But don’t, on any account, drive out in your high perch Phaeton!

  3. Lloyd

    Daniel Schorr – a wise and knowledgeable presence from the radio for my entire life.

  4. Alessandra

    I love that Uncle Lou models for you!!

  5. I learnt my lesson about that Phaeton when I saw Miss Marianne Dashwood nearly go ahss-over-bonnet from Mr. Willoughby’s dashing yellow model.

    Of course, that was the movie version—I’m listening to the book right now, and I suppose he drove something else entirely, though the delightful Miss T. was wonderfully true to lots of the book.

    Haven’t left the house yet—busy day, but tomorrow promises breakfast out, with a trip to library and several bookstores. Perfection.

  6. Shawn

    When I learned about Daniel’s death on NPR this morning Gregory and I looked at each other and took a long sad pause.

    Our 13 yr. old grandson was in the room and looked first at Greg and then me. WHAT? Knowing someone important had passed. Tyler asked Whose that? Greg simply said, “our friend”.

  7. kim shook

    Mr. Schorr will be missed – by people who still believe than journalism can be an honorable profession.

    I just reserved the CD of Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand at the library. It sounds like something that will be wonderful to listen to. Thank you for the heads up. And I just picked up my reserved copy of The Grand Sophy at the library yesterday.

    I love the sound of your sociable workshop! Most of my projects take place in what I call the ‘spare room’ (called thus because when I accidentally call it the guest room, Mike and Jessica snort with laughter – it is so full of empty photo albums, half-finished projects, scraps and fabric that a guest would be hard put to find a place to lay their suitcase down, much less their head). It is a little lonely and I don’t smoke on the “bedroom level” (sounds grand, huh?) – so I tend to come wandering downstairs for a smoke and some company. Hence the half finished projects.

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