Site of the Day: Passive Aggressive Notes

I had a dream (nightmare?) last night that included employees from every job I’ve ever had. As far as I can remember, we were putting on a talent show and everyone, from Miss Neel at Holt’s, Les Lingelfelter at Unisys, Steve Ligeza at Ameritech Cellular, Joanne Maxwell at Attention!, Brian Speadling at Sprint PCS and Charolette Guilford at Paychex were all on the same page: I was such a loser I couldn’t appear in the talent show.

I hasten to add that these people, in real life, were nice to me. Some are still friends. Some were important role models. If I had an analyst,I’m sure she’d have something deep to say about this, unemployed as I am. For myself, I have no clue.

I’d forgotten about how much I loved those notes attached to the microwaves and fridges in break room kitchens, the screeds in Comic Sans in the Ladies Room. Yesterday, on Facebook, my eGullet buddy Chris Amirault posted a link to this fabulous site. Be prepared to waste at least an hour and ROFL.



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2 responses to “Site of the Day: Passive Aggressive Notes

  1. I got through only the first set of To-Do rules.

    Now, see—-I can totally SEE most of the reasons for the PLS/Thank You Lady’s requests—we used to have a Brita pitcher, in which we filtered the water we put into the electric kettle for our tea. And before we got Brita or the new RA system, we had also emptied the leftover water away to keep it from settling lime all inside the kettle.

    She didn’t really accuse her of anything; those looked more like suggestions, and only the long-time owner of an appliance knows its little quirks. I GET this landlady or roommate or whatever she is, and there’s nothing wrong with a little sit-down to get the chores and expectations on the table.

    Much better than simmering and muttering to yourself when your standards aren’t met, cause that can ruin a friendship fast.


    The Old Codgess

  2. Kim Shook

    It is one AM, Maggie. That website just sucked up an hour of much needed sleep. Hilarious!

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