More Fake Food: Origami Catch of the Day

OK, it’s one of those days where my focus is as blurry as a grandfather’s reading glasses. What do you do to pull it together, to concentrate, to settle the monkey brain?

Maybe you close your eyes and meditate. Perhaps you take the dog walkies in a forest preserve. I’m told that running works a treat — likewise washing the floor, doing the crossword,birdwatching, washing the car and alternate nostril breathing.

Weeding works for me — usually. Today I broke my back pulling out enough mint to make mojitos for the population of Montevideo and my thoughts were still bouncing around like a  meth-crazed squirrel. I came inside, stood in the shower, attempted to whistle for the two thousandth time and decided it was time for an origami break.

Folding paper, especially if I’m attempting a new model, narrows my focus like a laser beam. Today I grabbed five origami books at random and folded a fish from each.

I think this is my favorite, but the little blue fish below has an elegant and amusing folding sequence.

Orange Roughy, anyone?

My son-in-law finds fishing calming and meditative, and he’s probably right, but I like the origami approach better. No licence, worms, or five a.m. wakeups!



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6 responses to “More Fake Food: Origami Catch of the Day

  1. Beautiful. I love that little blue guy esp.

  2. Making mint mojitos for Montevideo, huh? No wonder your eyes are blurry!! It’s all that mint oil and rum. Not to mention the alliteriteriteration.

    I LOVELOVE your talented hands, and the sweet little somethings they create. I thought we might be seeing origami schnitzel or sushi, from the title. The reality is charming and oh, so clever!!!

    Could you patent a parchment fish-fold for all those en papillote enthusiasts to use? A fish inside a fish inside a fish—and wouldn’t Dr. Seuss be proud?

    • Hmmmm. Rachel, that is brill. Let me try to achieve that fold. Good thing for me I have a new roll of butcher paper.

      Thanks, Ms. P. He’s pretty cute.

  3. Between the e-mail notify with the title and the actual comment, I somehow mixed the title to just food, I think. Snapper schnitzel?

    ‘Twould not be amiss, I think.

  4. Kim Shook

    The little grey one on the plate with ‘Blue’ reminded me somehow of a crab. I’d like to learn to make a crab – one out of blue paper and one BLAZING orange. Nom.

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