Toilet Paper Origami: This Guerrilla Girl will be On the Move!

Of course I had to buy this book:

Toilet Paper Origami by Linda Wright. Talk about cheap and cheerful; I worked my way through its pages without using so much as a quarter roll of cheap tp.  Rosebuds, sailboats, bunny rabbits, magnolias, butterflies — so fun to make  –as well as some tailored points. I hope these ghastly pix give you an idea of what can be done in five seconds. (The topography of folded toilet paper is darn hard to catch with a camera;the photos in the book are in black and white, which helps, but they’re not great.)

Can you see the origami diamond atop the point? I like this.

This is harder to see, but with a squint and some imagination can you make out the tuxedo pleats?

This book is aimed at the hospitality industry: “Hotels, Bed and Breakfasts, Cruise Ships” and, oh yeah “Creative Housekeepers.” I don’t fit into any of those categories. The only thing I have in common with those groups is that we all stock toilet paper. But this book has opened a brave new world of cheap and cheerful guerrilla giggles.(Yes, I’m still slipping pompomed crochet sleeves over random car antennas:)

Let’s put it this way: I will never again leave a ladies’s loo without  cheering up the end of every roll I can manage without discovery. And I mean every cubicle, not justthose at the Art Institute or Neimen – Marcus. In fact, the more unexpected the locale, the better — Walgreen’s, the grocery store, the library, a dive bar like the Old Town Ale House. My biggest tp folding fantasy is to somehow find one of the huge, gloomy Little Girls’s Rooms at O’Hare empty so I can nip into cubicle after cubicle folding each flapping end into a bunny rabbit.

That would take time. Then I started to think about adding a package of stickers to the antenna cozies in my purse. I could fold the classic Holiday Inn point and decorate it!

Or even leave an upbeat handwritten message:

I’ve always liked serendipity with a snippet of silly surprise. My pranks come in peace. Would you be freaked out if the roll in the restroom at Arby’s ended with a magnolia in full 2-ply bloom? Or will you consider joining my Toilet Paper Paratroopers? Men would be especially welcome — there are places even I can’t go!



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5 responses to “Toilet Paper Origami: This Guerrilla Girl will be On the Move!

  1. Bev

    You are such a funny, funny woman…

  2. Gretchen

    I think this is an idea I can actually follow easily. Maybe not the fancier folds…but simple ones and a sticker and I’m all in!

  3. Ann

    It would just make my day to find a roll of TP that says Hi! I wonder if you have seen the Toilet Paper Crafts book (at Amazon). I think you are ready for that one now!

  4. Thanks for volunteering, Gretchen — you’re now an officer in the TP Paratroopers! Welcome, Ann — that book will be on my birthday list.

    Bev, that’s exactly what my mother used to say to me, but she’d accompany the words with the whirling forefinger above the ear!

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