The Yin/Yang Apron

When it’s a cool rainy day in the ‘Ville and a woman’s read all her library books, decided that folding laundry is a task that can be put off almost indefinitely, and is wearied of watching the weeds grow, what’s a girl to do? Well, work through her fabric stash and bring another apron into the world, of course!

I’ve been sewing reversible aprons for  years, even though it involves two yards of fabric instead of one. For one thing, sewing a seam and turning the apron inside out is easier than all that edge finishing involved in a single layer apron. For two, you get an apron that can avoid the washing machine by a factor of two. And best of all, for a person who adores prints and design as much as I do, you get two separate looks, and I get the fun to riff on themes, trims and general apron couture goofiness.

Mary Mulari is, best I know, the inventor of the reversible apron, and a pattern of Mary’s I bought in a quilting shop in Galena, Illinois when I was visiting my sister in law, was the inspiration for my fascination for the genre. More about Mulari here:

And for awhile I was content to make aprons with witty, pretty versos. But then, and I think this is my idea, I considered doing a kind of masculin/feminin thing: A pretty girly fabric  and trim on one side and a Guy print on the other. A couples’s apron? A Bi apron? Neither of those terms worked for me, soI’m gonna go with Yin/Yang apron.

The fun amusing fabric-shopping outcome of this was  finding macho cotton prints. Who knew there were so many? Cowboys, John Deere, NASCAR, Guitar Hero, golf.

John Deere.

Today it was NASCAR — I cut off the supermodel’s head because Willow was demanding to get into the picture:

And cupcakes:

Bonus pic of the Greta Garbo of cats: Ajax in the herb garden:

I realize this penchant for girl/guy prints and reversible aprons is just one of those Maggie Things — a brain worm.

But it satisfies me in so many ways .



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6 responses to “The Yin/Yang Apron

  1. Caro

    The double duty one you sent Mom is beautiful.
    The world can definitely use more beauty!

    Sew on!

  2. Lloyd

    And the double duty one you sent me is fabboo as well – many thanks!
    There’s a market out there; a niche waiting to find Margaret!

  3. Gretchen

    I sure do love mine!

  4. I echo Caro’s comment—she beat me to it, as I’ve been WAY under the weather since right before the kiddles left.

    I LOVE my DD apron!! The sensible-but-beautiful calico-ish print on one side, doing justice to every June Cleaver-pearls moment, for the day-to-day affairs of the kitchen, and that FABBBBB print of the Chinese royalty in all their glory on the other, for really Gucci times, such as when you come to visit.

    Kim’s wearing it in a post on eG last year, and you can see how VERY perfection it is. I couldn’t resist getting her to wear it for a picture for the post, for we were cooking together—a royal time, indeed.

    The world is ready—go ye therefore. Williams Sonoma will be posting their $89.95 reversibles, and you won’t be able to keep up—an industry is born. And then there’s all that fanfare with Sur la Table to contend with . . .

  5. Love love love these… high-concept, the medium is the massage, all that, and FABRIC too.

    Little Willow cracks me up in her continuing series.

  6. Kim Shook

    I adore mine. Camo on one side and flowers on the other. Mike has claimed the camo side.

    BTW, there certainly ARE a lot of ‘manly’ printed fabrics out there. What in the world are they all for? There can’t be that many crafters out there with Maggie’s delicious sense of irony.

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