Catching Up at C &C

This is going to be a mingy  on-the-fly blog post, because it’s been that kinda coupla of days.

Yesterday was library day and Post Office day, always a bitchin’ combo. I mailed out a couple of packages and bought those Animal Rescue stamps — the ones Ellen’s the Spokeswoman for. When you live in the “Ville, even the Post Office employees know  you. They whip out that binder of stamps when they see me in line — they know what I’ve bought, what I haven’t, and what I like. And they know that when they say “Do you need stamps?” it’s not just the professional written-in-stone sales template from the Postmaster’s Office. They know I’m a sucker and I’ll buy something.

I tagged a couple of antennas in the PO parking lot. HeeHee!

The haul from the library: Kim Severson’s “Spoon Fed,” Julie Orringer’s “The Invisible Bridge,” Louise Penny’s “A Rule Against Murder,” Laurie R. King’s “The Moor, Donna Leon’s ‘A Question of Belief ” (which Lou hijacked,) and Patti Smith’s “Just Kids.”  That should hold us for a week.

Today, I made the caftan, which in its seersucker is an amusingly Sloane Ranger/Preppy kind of caftan. It fits the bill for what I was yearning for back here:

It’s cool,crisp and it flows. I’ll make it again in shorter, more decorated and chicer versions, but I’m happy with the template. My model is fine showing off aprons, but the caftan thing — not so much. He refused to show off the line of the sleeves or do any serious posing. Willow got into the shot, of course.

Trust me here: It looks better on me.

Last: if you follow my food writing, “The Daily Gullet” at published a piece combining my passion for Procul Harum and White Sauce: A Whiter Shade of Sauce.



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4 responses to “Catching Up at C &C

  1. Kim Shook

    Lou is a good man. I really want one of those caftans. But I want it in fabric that is so light as to be indecent. (I hate hot weather, too.)

  2. Kim: email me your size and height and I’ll sew you the thinnest, driftiest caftan. Lou isnt THAT good a man — he refers to my caftans as muumuuus, altho he know’s they’re different — he does it to piss me off. And this from a man who spent a couple of months of his youth in Morocco and knows what a a caftan is!

    Apart from that…. yeah.

  3. I read the thing about the antenna sleeves and thought you should make a similar version for hipsters, handlebar sleeves!? Hipsters would pay big money for anything which would customize their fixed gear. I’m totally serious about this.

    And please, please, please (sung in James Brown style ( make me a caftan. You know I’d wear it.

  4. Alex

    Here’s my current favorite USPS sticky:

    Douglas Adams also was a big Procol Harum fan, as I suspect you are of him.

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