Fake Food II: Bacon and Eggs

I love real food so much that I love fake food too. I described this phenomenon back here: https://cheapcheer.wordpress.com/2010/02/23/food-fast-fake-and-fuzzy/. My origami fetish is well-documented. Five years ago I wrote about the bliss of Sunday bacon and eggs for The Daily Gullet:


How’s this for paper and egg Kismet?

This is a model from Peter Engel’s 10-Fold Origami — he occasionally cheats a bit on the fold count by inserting steps A and B. This was fun folding, involving some judgement from the reader. Next time I’ll fiddle about to make the yolk bigger.

This plate was my surrogate Sunday breakfast today. I mean, when you have a bowl of risen brioche dough in the refrigerator and clean oil in the fryer, why not fry up tiny brioche fritters? Right? Drowned in powdered sugar and served with  raspberry jam they were one cheerful, light, cholesterol and sugar bomb.


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3 responses to “Fake Food II: Bacon and Eggs

  1. We had the Play With Your Food calendar a few years ago. The book’s out of print now, but I ordered a copy second hand a few minutes ago. It’s so cute and smart.

  2. absurdoldbird

    If you like fake food, have a look down my bloglist (hover mouse cursor over the titles for what each is) and look at the miniature food blogs I link to – there is some absolutely AMAZING 1/12th scale model food there!

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