Cheap, Cheezy and Fried: A Supply of Suppli

A dish of leftover risotto and a chunk of mozzarella. A deep fat fryer with almost-new oil . A willingness to get hands sticky and put in the time for some labor intensive food prep, and what have you got? You’ve got Suppli al Telefono, in translation from the Italian, Telephone Wires. Crispy, gooey,fried and sporting perhaps the coolest name in recipedom — what’s not to love?

They’re Roman  snack food and kissing cugino to the iconic Sicilian treat, the arancini, “little oranges.” I like suppli better because they’re smaller, so the cheese to rice ratio is higher. I never ate them in Italy, but Lou did, and I’m eternally jealous. I took pictures of the process last night, which involved lots of hand-washing between shots.

Here’s a bowl of about two cups of leftover risotto con bisi, stirred into two whisked eggs.

Take a tablespoon of rice and insert a half inch cube of mozz.

Cover with another tablespoon of risotto and pack the ball as tight as you can.

Dredge the balls in fresh bread crumbs, arrange them on your vintage Arabia Kilta platter (yeah I’m so old that my honeymoon table service is now considered vintage) and let them chill and firm up in the fridge for half an hour.

Fry ’em up. I’m going to make a passionate product endorsement here for the Presto Kitchen Kettle.It boils water, braises, steams, deep fries and cost about twenty bucks. It goes into the dishwasher, it has safety features, and is portable. We once took it to Grand Rapids to make frites in a friend’s garage.

The money shot. See those telephone wires? I think we paid this dish the ultimate compliment — we ate them standing up in the kitchen.



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2 responses to “Cheap, Cheezy and Fried: A Supply of Suppli

  1. Lloyd

    Damn! After our long discussion about these at dinner a week ago, I missed out. Look great, and standing up in the kitchen was surely the way to go, thought Marilyn and Joyce might object.

  2. Next time, Lloyd! And well, Joyce and Marilyn didn’t see us.

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