Sixty Second Karma, Sixty Second Post

I don’t believe in God, but a I have a superstitious atheistic belief in Karma, aka “What comes around goes around.” I saw it at work at TJ’s tonight, on our monthly trip — wine for me, a decent cheese plate for Lloyd.

That’s because Lou is the master of grocery store check-out lines.I was trundling up our half-full cart to the check out  of the  Hawaiian-shirted hottie, Matt V., when I heard Lou talking to the man behind us in line. This guy didn’t have a cart: he had a couple of bakery items and a bag of pretzels.The man was saying “You mean it? Really? You’ll let me cut in ahead of you guys?”Now, we Midwesterners may not have the politesse cred of Southerners, but we’re polite people — even in Big Bad Chicago.But people are astounded by a simple act of courtesy — a wave through the check out line. It cost us exactly sixty seconds.



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4 responses to “Sixty Second Karma, Sixty Second Post

  1. absurdoldbird

    Courtesy is good, glasshopper.

  2. Kim Shook

    I’m a firm believer in Karma, too. I also believe in passing it forward. I think that what good I do to others, they will pass it on. At least I hope so. I use this philosophy every day at work – doctor’s office with lots of old, cranky, worried, sick folks. I figure that if I can make their 10 minutes with me positive, there’s a good chance that I’ve lightened their load and they might just feel better and stop being so dang cranky.

    Maggie, I hope that you got our thank you note. If you’ll check today’s post on my blog, you’ll see that not only did you give me a wonderful gift, but that you also functioned as MUSE!

  3. Kim, being a muse is new for me, and I’m so unworthy, but we received your lovely note today. (I think I’m working on a crush on Mr. Kim!) I’m still impressed when a kind driver stops and waves me ahead — I try to pass it on too. Baby steps to a nicer world.

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