Cheap, No. Cheerful, Yes! Sunny and Warm in the ‘Ville.

It was the day I checked things off my to do list, and wrote checks in order to check them off. The taxes got mailed yesterday, and I think we’ll get a pittance back — reason for cheer! But today’s the day of the month when all those pills I take to keep my body and mind from splatting all over the patio needed to be refilled. Ouch. Being jobless and without health insurance, those Maggies’s Little Helpers don’t come cheap. Then there was the payment to our fine mechanic Jim: it was about a third what we figured it would be — thank you Jim! The Cheerful outcome here is that my car’s running for the first time  in six months, and not a moment too soon, because I don’t want my eagerly-awaited house guest to be marooned with me in the “Ville , rather than cruising to the local commuter station and rumbling in to Chicago.

Then there’s the business I waded through to keep that cheery vibe goin’ on: an hour and a half — I swear — on the phone with invariably polite Customer Service people changing the expiration date on my debit card so that those automatic payments will keep the lamps lit, the phone and internet alive and the roof over our heads. Done! Excellent!

I mailed a couple of gifts to a pair of wonderful women and sent a check to Medecins sans Frontieres. Those docs and nurses without borders are heroes of mine, and sending them money when I don’t have a whole lot is kinda karmic insurance for me — I can’t imagine the lives they lead in the most dangerous waste places of the earth.

I mean: here I am with a car that runs, medication, clean water , my street teeming with adorable kids on their three wheelers and a huge bouquet of heavenly fragrant daffodils picked from my own garden.

I’m going to cut up a plump fryer (69 cents a pound!) and let it sit in buttermilk. I’ll start some stock from the carcass. I’ll pour a glass of wine before I fire up the old cast iron skillet and fry that chicken up. Biscuits, maybe? Asparagus, definitely.  Here’s looking at you, Kids! Cheers!



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4 responses to “Cheap, No. Cheerful, Yes! Sunny and Warm in the ‘Ville.

  1. Patty

    Here’s to you! A chicken in your pot, bouquet of flowers, a glass of wine…and your heartwarming generosity…not to mention getting something, anything, back from Uncle Sam…makes for a cheerfully perfect day!

  2. My question on LT today was “What brights you today?”

    THIS CERTAINLY HAS!! What a lovely, warm, comfortingly CHEER-ful day!

    Ours was much of the same, with a big yellow plastic tub from Big Lots serving as daffodils, a little girl splashing in it for all the accomplishments, a day of sun and birdsong and air like water on your skin.

    (And sometimes it WAS water, when our little one could sneak up on me with that little bucket).

    It’s SO wonderful to hear of your life in such wonderful words as these—and days like these.

  3. Rachel — we had zactly the same kind of day, and I think we cross-posted comments. My Sistergirl Patty — I miss you.

  4. I like this day! Thanks for sharing.

    It’s true, there’s nothing more satisfying than crossing a bunch of stuff off your to do list!

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