C & C Site of the Day: Old Jews Telling Jokes

Just a short free and very funny site of the day.A small confession: in college, a sweet dimwitted shiksa, aged 16, I dated only Jewish boys from New York, sent to McGill by their parents to be in a safe place should their number come up and they be sent to Viet Nam. I attended a Seder in an open mesh crochet dress three feet long from my shoulders to the hem. That got me the sobriquet Shameless Shiksa.

But Rickles and Mason were the funniest people ever, and it must have cost them a lot to clean up their acts for Ed Sullivan.  This site is distinctly not PG. If you are a more sensitive viewer, it’s not for you. If you’re not, you’ll laff your tuckus off. Really.




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3 responses to “C & C Site of the Day: Old Jews Telling Jokes

  1. Lloyd

    Knew about the Jewish boys; had not heard the Seder story previously…

  2. Trust me, I wasn’t trying to shock anyone — that little number was my best dress. I think a couple of the uncles might have liked it…

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